How Often Should Women Wash Their Hair?

I think if you asked a group of women how often they washed their hair, you would get a variety of different answers. I am going to tell you right now, I don’t wash my hair every day. Quite frankly, I don’t have the time for it! But there’s another truth to confess. I don’t think it’s wise to strip our strands of their natural oils on a regular basis. Those oils protect our hairs. And besides, a little dry shampoo goes a long way! 🙂

However, would I go 9 days without a wash? I couldn’t even if I wanted to! My face would break out like a boy going through puberty. That’s a side effect I’m not willing to deal with.

What’s your average? How long do you typically go before giving your locks a good scrubbing? Personally, I wash my hair every two to three days.

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