I Hope You Like Facebook Lives

After a very long pow wow, Audrey McClelland and I have decided to refocus our attention on the things we love to do. We asked ourselves four questions about every type of work we did in 2017:

  1. Did it make us money?
  2. Did it provide us joy?
  3. Can we see it growing into something larger?
  4. Does it align with industry trends?

I’m not going to bore you with our entire list, but one type of work came out shining on top – and that’s Facebook Lives. If you follow our Audrey and Vera page,  you know that we do LIVES all the time. Companies hire us, we promote their work, we attend events, or we just do personal chats between the two of us. Anything goes.

Well, this year, we want to really push a lot of our attention towards this arena and have challenged ourselves to posting 365 new Lives for the new year. Confession… we started a few weeks ago and already included 10 on our list. YIKES! What can I say? We wanted to get a jump start on it all. We made the plan a while ago and couldn’t wait until the first to get started.

So, for the first of the year, we wanted you to watch the first LIVE for 2018. This one was filmed after two full days of partying. Not the MOST energy you will see from us to date, but we had to get it done today!

Tune in on Audrey and Vera and stay tuned for cooking videos, travel features, personal commentary and more.

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