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My Homemade Turkey Chili Recipe #CansGetYouCooking

This Homemade Turkey Chili is the perfect warm comfort food for a cold night! Tons of nutrients and low in fat, this is a crowd pleaser for sure!

homemade turkey chili

Turkey Chili time!! The weather is getting colder and I can FINALLY start whipping out some of my favorite recipes. Chili is on the top of the list. I make mine much lighter than your typical recipe, but I like it that way. And the very next day I mix it with some tomato sauce and serve it over pasta. Yum and Yum! Ok – let’s get started.

What You Need:

 1.5 pounds of ground turkey

8 garlic cloves finely chopped

1 cup carrots chopped

1 stalk celery chopped

1 large onion chopped

1 large tomato (or several small tomatoes) chopped

chopped chopped chopped…. need a new word here!

1 can of beans – I used black eyed but feel free to go with what you like (drained)

2 tablespoons of olive oil

1 cup chicken stock

1 can tomato sauce

salt and pepper to taste

easy turkey chili

Use two different pots. One for the turkey and one for the vegetables. Saute the garlic and the onions for 5 minutes and then add in the carrots and celery. Cook down.  Meanwhile in the other pan, brown the turkey, drain and then add into the vegetable pot.


Time for the spices!! I use a tablespoon or so of red curry powder, ground tumeric, ground cumin, paprika (not shown – ugh sorry) and chili powder.

how to make homemade turkey chili

Add the spices, the tomatoes and the beans. Add the chicken stock and the tomato sauce, salt and pepper. Stir and cover. Reduce heat to low and cook for one hour.

homemade turkey chili

I like to serve my chili with rice. IT IS SO GOOD! You couldn’t PAY ME TO MESS WITH DRY BEANS! Canned beans are the WAY TO GO! They add additional flavor to the dish and are great source of protein. WIN- WIN!

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Lynn Plumlee

Tuesday 14th of January 2014

Attempting to find a written copy of your family's (well, Grandma's) garlic & parley artichoke recipe. Can you supply? Great video. Thank you. Lynn

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