Holy Smokes! We Are Going To LEGOLAND!

I’m shaking – that’s how excited I am. I mentioned yesterday that I have a few upcoming trips – both personal and business oriented. Well, one of the trips is with Traveling Mom and it’s placing me on the Disney Fantasy press preview. The entire boat will be filled with travel writers and I will be attending a conference with the Traveling Mom group. SO EXCITED!!

But it just got a little bit cooler…

The Orlando Travel and Tourism department extended the stay for the Traveling Moms. They are hosting any family who wishes to see Orlando with their children after the cruise. I will already be in Orlando and will just have to pay for the rest of the family to get down there. Figured it would be cheaper than me having to go home and fly down once again at a later date. I spoke to Bill about it and we decided to take the kids down for 3 nights.

The plan? LEGOLAND, Magic Kingdom and Sea World. My son practically fell on the floor when I showed him the website for LEGOLAND. It’s as if his dreams just came true – literally.

I am a bit wide-eyed and manic right now because I really wanted to see LEGOLAND while he was still young. We only have so many years with our children to enjoy these sort of things. I cannot WAIT to experience that theme park through their eyes.

The kids were asking me if the food was made out of Lego – and whether or not we would starve while visiting there. LOL – it’s just all so innocent!

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  1. Vera – so excited for you! Legoland will be amazing I can’t wait to hear all about it! xoxo

    Posted 2.29.12

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