Highs And Lows: Today’s Obsession

Let’s have a little fun with this afternoon’s “Today’s Obsession” post. I  am going to show you two different styles of pants – both patterned – and ask you to decide which one is the HIGH and which one is the LOW. One of these items will cost you almost $350 while the other retails for under $60. That’s a huge difference, right? I love to shop like this because it gives me an absolute mission! I know what I am looking for when hunting for a bargain. Something similar to the high-ticketed price but obviously for less.

Are you ready? Here are your two options. Don’t click on the links until you are ready to figure out if you are right.

Manhattan Hampton Check Pants


Tailored Slim Houndstooth Check PANTS


Were you surprised to find out which one was $56? I think they both pretty much serve the same purpose visually. Of course, they aren’t the same exact STYLE but you can create a similar look using either one of the pants. When you go shopping, do you tend to lean on the higher quality / higher priced brands? Or do you love fast fashion?

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