Help Me Pick Out New Furniture From Pier 1

I’m doing this amazing write up for Pier 1 and need your help! I’ve been given some money to redo one of the rooms of my house and am TORN between my den and my living room. Truthfully, both could use a lot of work – so I thought you guys would be the tie breaker!!

Take a look at some of my Pier 1 selections and PLEASE let me know which one you like the best.


Issue with Option 1 — I don’t have enough money to get a new couch, so it will have to work with a maroon leather couch I already own. I’m not so sure it will be a perfect match! So, while in theory this looks good all together, it might not work once it’s in my actual living room.

OPTION 2: Den (I have NOTHING in this room right now, so this makes the most sense)

So, which do you think I should go for? I have to pick the furniture out pretty soon – I would appreciate your thoughts. 🙂

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  1. lizzys wrote:

    do the living room!!

    Posted 1.17.11
  2. Wheatly wrote:

    Do the den. If you have nothing in there why not furnish it?

    I love the neutral den colors.

    Posted 1.17.11
  3. N wrote:

    I say Den. You said you need furniture in there anyway. I think the maroon couch will make you crazy w/ all ths new furniture. It would make me crazy anyway.

    Posted 1.17.11
  4. Laura wrote:

    I definitely think do the den!

    Posted 1.17.11
  5. Jillian wrote:

    #2! Love that chair and if you have nothing in there already, it’s ;ike a blank canvas!

    Posted 1.17.11
  6. Naomi wrote:

    Den!! because you can start from scratch and not have to make it work with whats already there 🙂

    Posted 1.17.11
  7. Dana wrote:

    I would do the living room and move the furniture that’s in the living room now, into the den. The living room should be your masterpiece! It’s what guest see when they first enter your home! The den can slowly come together over time.

    Posted 1.17.11
  8. Dana wrote:

    P.S. Since you’re getting most of the furniture for free, why not splurge on the one item – a new couch – that will bring it all together!

    Posted 1.17.11
    • caroline wrote:

      good idea !!!

      Posted 1.18.11
      • Dana wrote:


        Posted 1.19.11
  9. Lora wrote:

    The den. I love both looks, but if it were me, I’d want furniture in the empty room. Have fun!

    Posted 1.17.11
  10. Lora wrote:

    Oh but I like the idea of doing the living room and moving the current living room furniture to the den!

    Posted 1.17.11
  11. Maria G wrote:

    I agree with the den. You can do a lot with this room! I love the things you choose 😀 great teast

    Posted 1.17.11
  12. Alexandra wrote:

    Hmm.. I’d say do the den, but couldn’t you do the formal living room, and then have the furniture from there brought into the den? Just an idea, and that way you’re getting two things done at once.

    Posted 1.17.11
  13. Sandra wrote:

    definitely the den!

    Posted 1.18.11
  14. Susan E. wrote:

    I vote for the den!

    Posted 1.18.11
  15. Jo wrote:

    I vote for the den, the items look lovely

    Posted 1.23.11

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