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Heirloom Bijou Bracelet™ by Templeton’s Timeless Infant Silver


Templeton Bijou Bracelet

Absolutely darling! This beautiful infant bracelet by Templetons Timeless Infant Silver doubles as a functional piece for your little one – a stylish pacifier clip! To keep your child’s favorite binky or paci close at hand and off of germ-ridden floors, this pretty beaded tether cleverly clips to clothing so it is always within reach. When not in use by baby, it can be converted to a bracelet and clasped around mom’s wrist, as well.

The Heirloom Bijou Bracelet™ is available in a variety of gorgeous designs, from the more whimsical Airplane Heirloom Bijou Bracelet™ or Bunny Heirloom Bijou Bracelet™ to the elegant Freshwater Pearl Heirloom Bijou Bracelet™ or Cats Eye Heirloom Bijou Bracelet™. In addition, Templeton’s Timeless Infant Silver has just introduced their Couture Collection, which make a precious baby shower gift.

To learn more about Templeton’s Heirloom Bijou Bracelets™, or to order one of your own, please visit their website.

*Company provided samples for this review.

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