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We Are Heading On Our Very First Road Trip #SpotTheSweeneys



I haven’t taken the suitcases down yet from the attic. Not even sure there’s enough laundry done to last us an entire week. Is there gas in the car? WHO KNOWS? Yup – that’s how I roll. Completely NOT prepared. Completely last minute. COMPLETELY FREAKING OUTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT

My kids have camp this morning – so I will have three hours to get it all done. But even that feels like it’s not going to be enough time. I’m going to try to pack us all in one suitcase – baby’s stuff included – because we have to bring a pack and play and a stroller as well. Oh my goodness. This is actually happening.


All for her – this little princess. Our goddaughter. My best friend’s new love, pride, and joy. We thought it would be fun to take our vacation and end up at Audrey’s house to FINALLY meet the new queen. It’s like the icing on the cake. The kids are anticipating this more than anything else. We just cannot WAIT to get to Warwick, RI.

But before we get there, we have a few things to do / places to visit / food to eat! So excited!!


Where Are We Going?!

Burlington, Vermont

Concord, New Hampshire

Boston, Massachusetts

Newport, Rhode Island

WARWICK, Rhode Island

A few nights in each place EXCEPT New Hampshire – we are just passing through.


I am going to be posting a TON of photos on Instagram! You can follow me here to check them out real time.  If you miss them, I’m actually going to be using a hashtag to easily search through all my regular photos. We made one up… it’s a little cheesy. Actually, my cousin made it up (thanks Victoria).


The hashtag is #SpotTheSweeneys — I’m going to be using it on Twitter and on Instagram. I thought it would be easier to search for pictures from the trip with the hashtag. I was inspired by my friend Carol Cain on one of her recent family trips. Every time she posted something on Instagram, I quickly was able to check out her entire trip with one click. LOVED THAT. And yes, I’m nosy like that.

Ok FOLKS! Wish me luck! I’m off to pack. AHHHHHHHHHHH Our FIRST ROAD TRIP EVERRRRRRRRRRRRRRR. I’ve never done this. I’m so scared. Seriously. Scared. And with a 5 month old no less…. I hope we all make it back in one piece.




Thursday 25th of July 2013

I'm excited for you..and for your kids! Family road trips are a special childhood experience. Just keep your expectations at a realistic level, especially in terms of how much ground you'll cover. We always end up making more pit stops than we originally plan for, mainly to let the kids run off their pent-up energy!

Tara at Hill House Rock

Thursday 25th of July 2013

You're going to do fine! Once you do this, you know you can do anything! Road trips are awesome, but with kids there are special considerations. I can't believe you're doing it with a 5 month old though, there should be some sort of special award for that lol I wrote a post called "5 Tips for Taking Road Trips with Kids" -- maybe it will help :) Exciting! Once you do this you can do anything lol I wrote a post recently about road trip tips w/kids

Be safe!

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