Have A DIY Home Fix That Went Wrong? Enter The #FixMyHouseSweeps From @ServiceMaster!

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A few months ago, I almost took on a MAJOR fixer upper. I’m talking M-E-G-A work. The people who bid on the house before us had plans to knock the entire thing DOWN. That’s the kind of work that was involved, but we were considering giving it a go because the property truly offered so many wonderful amenities for my family.  Unfortunately, we lost that house, but our dreams of owning a DIY dream home hasn’t gone away.

We aren’t alone. There are plenty of DIY lovers out there and most are making their mark – literally – on their homes as we speak!!  This year, ServiceMaster conducted the Experience Homeowner Survey and polled current and prospective homeowners (next 12 months) nationwide about home maintenance. Wait until you hear what they uncovered!

More than half of homeowners and prospective homeowners surveyed say they felt unprepared to address (58%) and not very knowledgeable about (54%) home maintenance needs. I can relate!! When Bill and I bought our second house, we had to gut it to the STUDS and that was a truly shocking sight to see. I remember walking into the space for the very first time and seeing only beams thinking, “what did I get myself into?!”

When it comes to taking care of home maintenance needs, homeowners feel least prepared to tackle HVAC maintenance, while prospective homeowners are unprepared for structural repair due to weather damage.




It looks like people like to call in the professionals when they are working on their family homes. Over the last 5 years:

  • Homeowners have called in the professionals an average of four times to assist with home maintenance, spending an average of $2,201.80.
  • Condominium owners have called in professional assistance for home maintenance five times, the most of any home style, compared to just four times for the average homeowner.

When it comes to finding the information, people want everything located in one place. 

Nearly all (92%) homeowners and prospective homeowners say it would be useful to have one resource to help with the following home maintenance needs:

  • deep cleaning
  • structural repair due to weather damage
  • furniture repair
  • electrical
  • plumbing
  • HVAC (heating, ventilating and air conditioning)
  • water damage/flooding
  • pest control

Condominium owners are the most likely (67% vs. 55% for all homeowners) to say it would be “very useful” to find one resource that can reliably help with ALL of the above home maintenance needs.

But who should they call? That’s the kicker!

Two-fifths (41%) of homeowners and prospective homeowners say they wouldn’t know who to call if they had a home maintenance need in the next three months, and four-fifths (83%) wish they could find one resource that could reliably help them with all of their needs. More than half (55%) wouldn’t know who to call if they had a home maintenance need in the next three months.


Have you been in this position before? Have you started a DIY project and got a little too deep that you couldn’t handle the results? There’s good news for you if so!  

About #FixMyHouseSweeps

Now through June 27, ServiceMaster will share a post on the brand’s Facebook page asking people to share a photo and brief description of their DIY home fix it fail or other home improvement dilemma as a comment to the post.

Visit ServiceMaster’s Facebook page and look for the #FixMyHouseSweeps timeline post. Share a photo and brief description of your DIY home fix it fail or other home improvement dilemma as a comment, using the #FixMyHouseSweeps hashtag. Your comment will enter you to win a GE appliance(s) valued at up to $2,000, along with entry to win the sweepstakes grand prize – a $5,000 Home Depot gift card to put towards a home improvement project.

For more information about the ServiceMaster visit servicemaster.com. Complete contest rules here.

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  1. My husband is jack of all DIYs but a master of none. So yeah… I’ll be entering this…

    Posted 5.24.16
  2. Robin Masshole Mommy wrote:

    We don’t do our own DIY’s – we always pay people. I have a lot of cooking fails, though.

    Posted 5.24.16
  3. lisa wrote:

    Thankfully my husband is very handy and has friends in all different trades. We do most of our home work on our own.

    Posted 5.24.16
  4. Lisa Favre wrote:

    Definitely need to check this out as neither my husband or I are handy people. Right now we’re renting our place but when it comes to finally becoming houseowners, this is something we have to think about (ie.: who to call, do we know any contractors?, etc).

    Posted 5.24.16
  5. Tonya wrote:

    This is funny! I know I’ve had my share of projects gone haywire over the years.

    Posted 5.24.16
  6. Tonya wrote:

    My husband is a contractor so he’s pretty handy, but that also means that everyone else gets their projects completed before me. So…on occasion I’ve been known to take matters in my own hands. I’ll allow you to imagine how that goes.

    Posted 5.24.16
  7. Chrishelle wrote:

    Would the hole in my bathroom floor covered by an storage cabinet count as a DIY went wrong. My husband means well, but I think removing our shower was just above his pay grade. I will def be enteringl

    Posted 5.24.16
  8. Kathy wrote:

    This would be great for my father. He has done so many DIY projects with his house in over ten years. Nothing is completely done either. I think he’s just having a hard time getting it all done by himself.

    Posted 5.24.16
  9. Jody Smith wrote:

    Going to look into this more,we could really use some fix it up help around here!

    Posted 5.24.16
  10. Thomas D wrote:

    All us DIY needs a little help now and then.

    Posted 5.25.16
  11. Super awesome contest. I live in a very old country house that my grandparents purchased over 50 years ago. It needs a lot of work.

    Posted 5.25.16
  12. Laura Funk wrote:

    I would agree. Living in an area that is no stranger to structural damage from bad weather it would be very helpful to have direction and guidance. Great little sweepstakes

    Posted 5.25.16
  13. Yes, We all dream about owning a DIY home, and making it a perfect home to live. We often think that we are sticklers, but we forget about the maintenance which is a crucial part. This is a great way to fix DIY projects

    Posted 5.25.16
  14. CourtneyLynne wrote:

    I’m definitely one of those who calls when I need something done. I’m so good at crafting, but DIY home things ughh…. I’ve learned the hard way that I’m just not the gal for the job lol

    Posted 5.25.16
  15. Denise C wrote:

    I need my entire house fixed, but we just can’t seem to find any good people to do the work!

    Posted 5.26.16

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