Happy Birthday Rayovac ( @Rayovac ) ! Here’s A Gift For YOU


Did you know that January 17th is Rayovac’s Birthday? Rayovac just turned a whopping 106 years old. They don’t look a day over 21, right? 🙂 Well, the good news…no, the GREAT news is they are looking to celebrate!

In honor of turning the big 1-0-6, Rayovac is offering 20% off their entire store. How fantastic!

Use promo code: PowerBlogger20. You will also receive free shipping on orders over $25

So, what am I hoping to use my discount on? Well, that’s simple… There’s one item in my life that is an energy drainer. And that’s… my Mac mouse.


Yes, I use a Jonas Brothers mouse pad. No,  you are not allowed to judge me. 🙂 Got it at a press event and it WORKS – so I go with it.

Anyway – back to that Mac Mouse. Did you know that Macs use BATTERIES in their mouse..s. What’s the proper way to say that? Is it mice? Regardless, it STINKS. I use to have to change my mouse battery QUITE FREQUENTLY. This also applied to my keyboard which for some reason, did not drain as often as the mouse.

I live and breathe on my computer, so you can only imagine what I used to go through in a year. Thankfully, I’ve switched to Rayovac’s Everyday Use Rechargeables. When my Rayovac batteries die, I simple whip out my USB charger and give them a boost.

Looking to save money? Well, here you go! Looking to be better to the environment?  Rechargeable batteries are a must own! Love!

What’s one thing in your life that is an energy drainer?

* I am a Rayovac Power Blogger!!

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