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Happy 12th Birthday, Natalie!

Natalie turned 12-years-old. I just can’t believe it. Where has the time gone??? She still wanted a birthday party and honestly… I wasn’t planning on throwing one this year. However, she has such a small group of tight friends, that I couldn’t resist. When is she going to be young again? We are never going to get these years back! Let her have the party! Let her make the memories. It’s not that big of a deal, right? In the end, we had a super simple day and kept it really old school.

I bought 5 decks of cards, a dozen duck tapes in a variety of colors, and the supplies I needed to create slime. That’s what the girls did! They had SPIT wars, made purses using Duck Tape and then spent the majority of the party doing….

THIS. I mean – could it be any simpler? OMG. Some glue and some detergent. BOOM. Done. They were all in their glory. Every girl was freaking out – they said it was the best party ever. Screaming and yelping and flipping out. Meanwhile, Bill and I were hanging out with the boys and watching TV. LOL! Loved it.

I also picked up some clearance Tupperware at Target. Everybody took home two or three containers of the slime they made. Get it out of my house. Hello and Goodbye! 🙂 SIMPLE PARTY! OMG!!!!

Natalie was SOOOOO happy. I was sooooo happy. My baby girl is 12. All is right with the world. We are in the last week of school and summer is here. Life is good.

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