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Disney’s Design-A-Tee Store Sponsored By Hanes


If you are heading down to Disney this year be sure to stop by the Design-a-Tee shop sponsored by Hanes. There you can customize your very own shirt which prints while you wait. The whole process takes about an hour. Just enough time to grab a snack and enjoy a few shops at Downtown Disney.



This interactive T-shirt design and printing store just opened up last year and handles up to 500 orders per day. The system is very easy to use making the user’s experience delightful… or should I say magical? 🙂

With over 100 designs to choose from and sizes ranging from infant up to 5x, everyone will be able to create a souvenir to remember.

I had a chance to go behind the scenes and see how the shirts are processed. The room is small but the team is efficient and the orders are checked and rechecked to ensure a quality product. I ordered a few and will post them over the next few days. You can really get creative with these items! 🙂 A must do if you are visiting the parks with your family.


And don’t think this store just houses t-shirts. There are a TON of other goodies to purchase or browse through while you wait. My Liam picked up these cool mouse ears while we waited for my husband to complete his design. What fun!!

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