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Hanes Comfort Stretch Hair Towel Is Awesome!!


Hey ladies with long hair – I have something FANTASTIC to talk about. If you are like me, once you get out of the shower, you have to put your hair up in a towel while you are getting dressed. More times than not, the towel undoes itself and you end up having to readjust over and over again.

Why isn’t there a towel on the market with a little bit of stretch built in?? That way you can tuck it in and get on with your day.


Hanes has come out with the Comfort Stretch hair towel! It’s absorbent, perfectly sized and has just enough stretch to STAY TUCKED. Bliss!! It’s the little things that really make a difference. You know, like when luggage got wheels – one tiny change but it was epic!

There’s also a locker loop for hanging which I thought was awesome.

Comes in a variety of colors to match every bathroom style.

The Hanes Comfort Stretch hair towel (which is part of the Hanes for the Home line) is available online.

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