Had Another Game Night With The Family – Some Great Suggestions




Oh man! We had SUCH a good time on Friday with my cousins. Once a month we get together and go out for pizza to catch up. Then we head back to somebody’s house to play some board games.

(SOMEONE gave the other team an answer…. ERIN!!)

(And I get smacked in the face during this one… LOL! The last answer was New York City btw. We had no idea how to show that one.)

This weekend we tried two AMAZINGLY funny games. The first one (which was my personal favorite) was sedarahc. I wrote about this a few months back but I just NEED to bring it up again. Basically it’s charades but backwards, ONE person guesses while their team tries to convey the same word to him or her. You don’t know where to look. Everyone has a different interpretation of how they want to get their point across. And it ends up being complete madness.

Look at the pictures – no one is doing the same thing, but everyone has the same word they are trying to get their teammate to answer. LOVED IT.

(this one has a curse in it – so beware)

THEN we played Guesstures which was also fun – but it went back to the standard “one person at a time” set up. The twist with this game is that you only have like 15 seconds a word to get your team to guess. Once a certain amount of time lapses, the card FALLS and you have to move on. So you get one minute to get 4 guesses out of your team.

2010-04-02 23.17.54

Really good stuff. If you have adult game nights – check these two out. ESPECIALLY the first one. And just to prove how hard we were laughing – here’s a pic of my cousin Erica who spit up her water after watching the guys attempt the word “lobster”.

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