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Gratitude Is A Good Attitude

Let’s talk a little bit about gratitude. Last night, I woke up rather abruptly and gasped for air. I had a horrible feeling that I didn’t have all of my children at home. I felt like one of them was lost or taken. I guess I was having a pretty bad dream because it shook me awake and sat me upright in the middle of the night. After a few seconds of confusion, the haze cleared and I realized where I was. I registered that Natalie, Liam, and Caleb were all safe in their beds and that my husband was right by my side.

Gratitude Is A Good Attitude

Gratitude Is A Good Attitude

I slowly crawled under the comforter and tucked myself back in holding onto the most wonderful notion –  Everyone that I loved was safe. 

Warmed me right up.

Of course, my heart was racing and it wasn’t so easy for me to fall back asleep. So, I began to think about the families that couldn’t say the same thing and it was a real eye-opener. There are just too many things we,  as a society, take for granted. Safety is a really big one. I said a little prayer for all the worried moms and dads out there and tried to fall back into a cheerier dream. I think Chris Pratt might have shown up. Not sure? It’s all so foggy at this point. 🙂

Either way, this afternoon, I remembered that moment when I was scared and it filled me – once again – with gratitude.

Thank You for a family that is safe.

Thank You for a loving marriage.

Thank You for good friends.

Thank You for all of Your small wonders.

Gratitude is a beautiful thing. 

Gratitude is a good attitude to have. 

Right now, I feel lighter than usual. I feel lifted. And I have a feeling it’s because this mentality is causing me to rise above any chaos and focus in on what’s really important.

They are safe. They are loved. They are happy. 

It’s not always easy to stay in this frame. As humans, it’s really easy to get thrown off course. But today, I am present and grateful.

Gratitude – may it fill us all whole.  Don’t ever forget it.

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Gratitude Is A Good Attitude

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