Google Glass Presents Travel Apps to Make Your Life A Breeze

Google Glass helps people stay connected and engaged enabling people to check a number of their favorite apps – including photos, weather, email and more – all while on the go. 

This week I attended a Google Glass showcase and got to play around with Google Glass and all of the amazing apps that make your life and travel easier, and faster than you can say “Ok Glass” I was hooked. One of the most compelling features of Google Glass is that by putting the screen in front of your eyes, it removes the barrier between people so you can stay connected and engaged with the people around you instead of constantly looking down at your phone. I love my phone and have a menagerie of apps on it that allow me to use it for EVERYTHING from paying for taxis, checking into spin class, editing photos, checking the weather and more, but I constantly strive to remember to put down the phone and engage with the people around me. Google Glass helps with this because rather than looking down at your phone you can use the heads up display to remain engaged with people around you and stay in the conversation, while also checking OpenTable to see if that great place around the corner can fit in your group for an impromptu brunch.

Google Glass Presents Travel Apps to Make Your Travel Life A Breeze

Google Glass Presents Travel Apps to Make Your Travel Life A Breeze

Google Glass Travel Apps

From the start, Google demonstrated that they know how to make your life easier just by the way they organized the event. Google turned their Glasshouse into an amazing interactive space by putting down colored pathways throughout the space and giving us a handy subway map to lead us around from station to station to play with all of the different Google Glass apps that can enrich your travel experience. So fun!

Google Glass Foursquare

Google Glass Apps

Google Glass works with a ton of apps, but the apps, in particular, being showcased at the event focused on ways to make your daily life and travel easier. The apps showcased were OpenTable, Field Trip, Google Search, Google Maps, TripIt, Word Lens, and of course every’s favorite, Foursquare.

Google Search and Google Maps, operate just like on the computer, only they can be used in real time without looking down at the phone. This means the Google Maps navigation display is in front of your eyes as you are looking down the street and walking, making an unfamiliar city so much easier to navigate and allowing you to navigate while you take in the sights, without constantly pulling out your phone. Even handier, if you are biking through New York or another exciting locale, the Google Glass display lets you navigate your route without taking your hands off the bike or your eyes of the road making for a much safer ride. Google Search can also become your best friend when traveling because without looking away from the person you are conversing with you can ask Glass important questions like, “how do I say where is the bathroom in Russian?”

TripIt, OpenTable and Foursquare all operate just like the would on your phone, only with the ability to check and change your travel plans, book or change reservations and check-in, all without pulling out your phone and pulling yourself out of the moment. The functionality of the Foursquare app in Google Glass was particularly exciting because not only can you check into via Google Glass, but you can also speak search commands like “rooftop bar” or “brunch” and Google Glass will pull up suggestions based on your location.

One of the most exciting Google Glass apps for travels has got to be the Word Lens. Using the Glass camera, Word Lens instantly translates the printed word in real time even without a network connection! This is an amazing feature for travel, especially travel abroad where the language is unfamiliar and you don’t have access to wifi. Paired with the Field Trip app that lets you stay heads up while you explore guides to local history, architecture and insider recommendations.

With all of these amazing Glass-friendly apps, there is no reason not to grab your Glass and book your next travel adventure immediately.

Styles Available For Google Glasses

Different Styles Of Google Glasses Available

In addition to the all of the great travel apps, Google Glass has also expanded the actual Google Glass glassware options. Pictured below right, Google has taken the classic Google Glass design and given you a ton of jazzy color options to choose from. But they didn’t stop there, pictured above, right Google Glass  has also come out with a line of different glasses and sunglasses options that Glass attaches to for a wider range of functional and fashionable options for your Google Glass.

Different Styles Of Google Glasses Available

Google Glass is on sale now for $1,500. To learn more or to get your own pair visit them online.

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