Getting Sore Throat Relief With Chloraseptic

Getting Sore Throat Relief I have to admit… I am not someone who can handle a cold. I really can’t. When I get sick, I just shut down. I try to stay on top of the trends by frequenting the Cold & Flu Tracker but sometimes all that prep is of no use. It’s bound to eventually happen! And when it does, IT DOES.

It’s almost like I finally give my body permission to collapse and sleep.  With three kids and a full time job, that’s a rarity in my life. The symptoms of a cold can really knock me out… particularly when a sore throat is involved.

It’s pretty much impossible to fall asleep when you can’t swallow. And how can you eat or drink when you know that there’s pain involved? I’m telling you, whenever I have a sore throat, I recognize just how invaluable being healthy is to a human being. IMG_6900 So, how do you combat that pain/ that itch / that fire? You take advice from the experts and rest up until your body has healed. Chloraseptic® is the #1 Pharmacist Recommended Sore Throat Relief brand*.

If you are looking for fast acting relief, you will find sprays and lozenges in a variety of flavors including Cherry, Max Wild Berry, Warming Honey Lemon, and Grape spray, made just for kids. IMG_6901 Chloraseptic is for everyone in your family and provides fast-acting relief for sore throats. Think about it. When you aren’t feeling well, you need help FAST. Well, the  Chloraseptic Sore Throat sprays provide fast relief on contact.

That’s what I love about this product and that’s why my family has been using it for decades. Literally. I remember growing up with Chloraseptic. It’s literally a staple in my household.

Why on EARTH would you wait for other OTC pain products to take effect? Chloraseptic products work on contact delivering sore throat pain relief where you and your family need it most. IMG_6902 And one bottle will last you a long time. There’s over 100 doses in this Chloraseptic Max Wild Berries Spray. IMG_6903 Do you travel? I most certainly do! During cough and cold season, Chloraseptic® throat sprays and lozenges provide crucial on-the-go relief while you are busy living life.

Throw some in your purse and know that you are carrying fast-acting relief with you all cold season long.


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