Getting My Crossword On (And My Husband Is Too!!)


I actually have a serious question for you guys — I’ve been using my phone to look up answers for my weekly crossword puzzle. Why? BECAUSE I HAVE NO CLUE! I can’t figure this thing out!! I am just starting and I don’t speak crossword yet.

Is that cheating? I mean… I’m not competing against anyone. It’s really just for fun. And besides, the more I look things up… the more likely I will memorize those answers. Eventually, I won’t need to Google anymore. There will be a point where I can do this one my own. … RIGHT?!!!!!!!!!

I’m on week two and still clueless!!

But seriously — Medieval invaders of Europe: Tatars


And guess who I got to join me?? MY MAN! Woot!! I get two newspapers every Sunday because of my couponing habit. Once the kids are situated, we each grab our paper and go to town. While we work individually, we can call on one another for assistance.  I LOVE IT. Does he love it? Still debatable. 

In other news – how cute is this mug? Don’t make me purchase it so I can pronounce my love for crosswords as I sip my morning tea! 🙂

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