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Get Money Back After You’ve Shopped With The Earny App

You can get money back with the Earny app and it’s easier to use than you think. This tool allows you to save money while shopping at your favorite online retailers with a click of a button. It tracks prices for you, so you can get refunds when the price drops. Installing the Earny app is a breeze, but here are some tips for making sure it’s effective.

Earny App

On a very high level, here’s how it all works:

  • You shop online with a credit card that is registered with Earny
  • Earny continuously checks to see if those items go on sale
  • Earny contacts companies on your behalf and asks for a refund
  • You receive credit back to your original credit card
  • BOOM!

Know what kind of deals are in store

Now there is a way for you to have a price-tracking service at your fingertips. Make purchases from various stores and major retailers and earn cash back, coupons or rebates. Enjoy benefits such as:

  • cashback benefits, such as Easy Rebates which track current purchases at 30 popular brands – including Macy’s, Target & Walmart – to give users earny credits after each purchase made during 60 days following download
  • earny Cash, which allows users to earn earny cash back on purchases at hundreds of favorite online retailers with no limits or restrictions

earny uses smart technology to monitor and compare the price of a single product (via purchase receipts in your email) purchased on different websites to create their very own price protection policy. The information they gather ensures that you always get the best price for whatever you buy. In order to do so, they issue earny Cash. It never changes how or when you shop, it just makes sure you’re getting the best deal for your money!

The app makes it very easy to see just how much you’ve earned after every purchase. The amount earny awards will vary based on a number of factors:

  • whether the app finds a lower price for your item(s)
  • its average cashback percentage over time
  • your earny account’s earny Cash balance

No matter what, the app will attempt to track the best price, getting you more cash back and saving you even more money on all of your online purchases.

Know the Earny App’s Limits & Restrictions

earny does have certain limitations and it’s important to read the fine print to get a full understanding of what they are. It doesn’t refund taxes or shipping fees and the app cannot apply a refund if you return an item. It also * doesn’t work with all sellers and coupons. So, be sure to check ahead before making your purchases.

There might also be limits to earny cash back – the company says to expect up to 30% cash back on purchases, but earny also reserves the right to withhold credits based on a user’s purchase activity.

Get your friends involved in earning earny cash back!

earny works best when you share deals with others and get friends signing into the app. Shoppers are encouraged to sign in, create an account, using their Facebook login. In order for a friend’s account to earn earny Cash, they need access to that person’s Facebook data and must download through Facebook Connect. While you can use an email address instead of a Facebook login, this may negatively impact your ability to track your purchases and thus earn earny cash back.

Strategize smart shopping decisions

earny Cash can be earned on hundreds of online retailers, but the company does not currently work with any deals that are for gift cards or e-codes. It also doesn’t apply any earny Cash credits towards purchase minimums and shipping costs, which means you might have to pay these additional charges after submitting an Cash rebate request form (earn free gift cards).

Make earny a part of your everyday routine

The shopping app tracks users’ online spending habits even when they’re not using earny – as long as they’re logged onto Facebook or an email address that has been registered for an account. Even if customers aren’t actively thinking about being rewarded with cashback credits, those credits will still accrue in the background. Once you’ve earned enough cash, it will transfer to your account automatically.

Earny is Free to Use

It is free to create an account with Earny, but their baseline subscription level doesn’t offer you email tracking. If you’d like to have the app track your online purchases via your digital receipts seamlessly, you will need to pay a monthly fee / subscription cost. There aren’t multiple subscription plans to choose from – just free and paid.

Take advantage of earny’s referral program

If you refer a friend, you will receive $15 per friend who downloads the app and creates an account. Friends must enter the name and email address provided when creating their account during checkout in order for the referrer to receive credit.

Click here to get started.

Does Earny work with Amazon?

There are specific individual retailers that Earny tracks online purchases from including Amazon, Best Buy, the Gap, and more. If there is a price drop from one of these partner retailers, you will be notified via price drop alerts.

Feel Confident

As far as security measures are concerned, earny uses SSL encryption to protect your information when you log on, or enter your Cash balance. Every qualifying purchase is tracked through earny while protecting the transaction details. earny also uses secure password technology so that no one but you has access to your account. Unauthorized access is limited.

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