Free Purex Complete 3-In-1 Sample


Click here to get a free sample of the Purex Complete 3-In-1. I cant’ try it out because I am super allergic to detergent and have to use Seventh Generation no scent on my clothing and sheets. But I ALWAYS wanted to see if this works! Have you used it before?

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  1. msmean1 wrote:

    Used it for the first time this weekend smells great havent worn any of the clothing yet but will let you know… convienent and easy to just toss it in the washer and you are done

    Posted 2.24.10
  2. DoubleE wrote:

    I got the sample and tried it. It made my clothes fade. One of my favorite t-shirts was in that wash. The concept is interesting but the product is bad. I’m throwing away the other sheet and going back to tide liquid.

    Posted 6.8.10

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