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Field Report: Naeem Khan Fall/Winter 2012 Fashion Show #NYFW #MBFW

Naeem Khan is always one of my favorite shows to attend during New York Fashion Week, and his Fall/Winter 2012 collection is the perfect example of why. Inspired by the “dust and the decadence of India” Naeem Khan‘s collection showcased glittering gowns that dazzled with their elegance and flawless detail.

Naeem Khan‘s show was the largest and most packed presentation that I have seen during all of my years of attending Fashion Week. Instead of the more traditional long runway, the collection was showcased on a U-shaped runway where models sashed to tunes like the Rolling Stone’s Sympathy for the Devil.  The star-studded front row included Matt Damon and his wife Luciana, Kristin Chenoweth, Anah O’Reilly and Padma Lakshmi.

The Naeem Khan collection itself was a glittering combination of whites, blacks and golds the dazzled in everything from plunging necklines to one-shoulder gowns to head-to-toe beaded gowns that were glittering columns of elegance of fabulousness. The collection also included several gowns with ostrich feather skirts that dazzled among the beaded decadence of the glittering collection. The beading on several gowns was so extensive and intricate that you could actually hear the detailing on the gown chime against itself as it glided down the runway.

Drawing from his Indian roots, Naeem Khan created a collection that was truly breathtaking and each gown gave you the sense that you were viewing a wearable piece of art. I expect that many of these masterpieces with continue to dazzle on some of Hollywood’s most fashionable actresses in the upcoming award season.

Craving more fabulous Naeem Khan? Have no fear! Here’s a video I shot of the final walk:

Naeem Khan F/W 2012 Fashion Show

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