Favorite Holiday Moments That Make Life Beautiful #WHOLEBLENDS #SK (ENTER TO WIN 100 GIFT CARD)


The holiday season is one of my favorite times of the year. There’s something about these few months that brings families together. Whether we are baking for friends, getting crafty with art projects or planning a huge party – it’s all about bonding with the ones we love.

Garnier® Whole Blends™ asked me to put together a list of things that highlight my favorite holiday moments that make life beautiful and I just jumped at the chance! So, without further ado — here are my top picks!


Nothing beats spending time baking with the kids – especially when we come up with fun designs like these Christmas tree brownies. Fun to make, fun to see, and fun to eat!


Decorating my house is always so much fun when the kids participate. We bring out all of our old favorites and incorporate them with some new finds that I score each season. Do I go overboard? Nah!


I host Christmas Eve for my family and every year we do an Ugly Christmas Sweater contest.  It’s going on 5 years strong now. I don’t know who gets into it more: the adults or the kids!!


It’s also a very special time for me because my daughter performs in our church choir and there is just something so beautiful about hearing children sing – tears me up every Sunday.


And, while gift giving is by no means the true meaning of the holidays, I certainly do love to see the smiles on my kids’ faces when they open up their toys on Christmas morning. As a mother, there is simply nothing greater than seeing that joy.


What about the scents of the holidays? Garnier® Whole Blends™ Color Care with Argan Oil & Cranberry Extracts is the perfect addition to your beauty routine during the holiday months and beyond. Think about it: what scents remind you of the most festive time of the year? For me, it’s vanilla, brown sugar, and cranberry! The Garnier® Whole Blends™ Color Care Shampoo and Conditioner has a paraben-free formula infused with the essence of Argan Oil and cranberry extracts to protect color and reveal radiance. So, every time I shower, I feel like I am celebrating!!

And you know what? Your hair will too because Argan Oil does great things for your hair cuticles. 

The Garnier® Whole Blends™ Hair Care is a full range of naturally inspired hair care shampoo, conditioner, and treatments for all hair types. The paraben-free formula is gentle for everyday use and the Argan Oil is an ingredient that gives back to hair which I LOVE.  Nothing beats the combination of Argan Oil & cranberry extracts during the holiday season.

What are your favorite holiday moments? Tell me in the comments for a chance to win a $100 Visa gift card!

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  1. Emily wrote:

    Togetherness … whether it’s dressing up and going to church service, cooking/baking, playing games, watching sports or going through old photos/videos — holidays are the best when spent together.

    Posted 11.15.16
  2. I love this post. I think it’s all about togetherness for the holidays – and every day, for that matter. I also love the heads up on the shampoo!

    Posted 11.15.16
  3. I need to get some Whole Blends. My hair color never stands up to washing, but I’d certainly love to change that. You have a BEAUTIFUL family!

    Posted 11.15.16
  4. I would totally love to win the giveaway. I love the happy and festive family memories you shared with us!

    Posted 11.16.16
  5. I love spending time with the kids over school break, and watching them open their gifts. I bet that shampoo smells good!

    Posted 11.16.16
  6. Laura G wrote:

    Our first Christmas as a married couple with our two shared daughters will always be a cherished memory.

    Posted 11.16.16
  7. susan smoaks wrote:

    My favorite Christmas moment is the first Christmas my husband and I had together as a family. it was truly magical. I am blessed.

    Posted 11.16.16
  8. susan smoaks wrote:
    Posted 11.16.16
  9. Dawn M wrote:

    I enjoy my grandkids reaction to their gifts but the best part is having everyone together.

    Posted 11.16.16
  10. YES to baking!! I have so many fond memories that I can still recall from my childhood of baking holiday goodies with my grandma. There’s not a ton else I remember from my youth both those memories.

    Posted 11.16.16
  11. Natalie wrote:

    My favorite holiday moments are spent playing card games with my family on Christmas!

    Posted 11.16.16
  12. heather wrote:

    My favorite holiday moments are spending time with family friends and pets.

    Posted 11.16.16
  13. heather wrote:
    Posted 11.16.16
  14. Sarah Gillespie wrote:
    Posted 11.18.16
  15. Sarah Gillespie wrote:

    My favorite holiday moment is singing Christmas carols to my grandma every year. After every song she would give us a small gift. It was always so meaningful.

    Posted 11.18.16
  16. Nancy Bowers wrote:
    Posted 11.19.16
  17. Ann Fantom wrote:

    My favorite holiday memory is baking Christmas cookies with my mom and grandmother as a very young child.

    Posted 11.19.16
  18. Kelly D wrote:

    My favorite holiday moment is when we go to my parents house and have a holiday dinner with extended family.

    Posted 11.19.16
  19. Kelly D wrote:
    Posted 11.19.16
  20. Julie wrote:

    I love holiday meals with family!

    Posted 11.20.16
  21. Ashley C wrote:

    My favorite holiday moments are spending time with my family, Christmas shopping and seeing all the beautiful decorations and lights

    Posted 11.20.16
  22. Jessie C. wrote:

    Baking cookies and cakes in the kitchen with my family are my favorite holiday moments.
    tcarolinep at gmail dot com

    Posted 11.20.16
  23. Jessie C. wrote:


    Posted 11.20.16
  24. Sara wrote:

    This might sound crazy, but the holidays make me super happy because we get a break from homework! Of course I love spending time with my family, relaxing, and playing games and eating, but no homework is the best!

    Posted 11.20.16
  25. Alice C wrote:

    Just sitting down for a nice meal with the whole family.

    Posted 11.20.16
  26. Melissa wrote:

    Opening gifts Christmas morning with the whole family!

    Posted 11.20.16
  27. My favorite holiday moments are opening presents.

    Posted 11.20.16
  28. Tom wrote:

    I love Christmas dinner with the family

    Posted 11.20.16
  29. Kristen wrote:

    Looking around the dinner table and seeing all the faces of those gathered makes me really happy.

    Posted 11.20.16
  30. Kristen wrote:
    Posted 11.20.16
  31. Brigette wrote:

    My favorite holiday moments are decorating the tree, singing carols, and opening the presents.

    Posted 11.20.16
  32. Suzanne K wrote:

    My favorite holiday moments are seeing and spending time with family and friends and making memories together

    Posted 11.21.16
  33. Tari Lawson wrote:

    I love going out with my family to look at Christmas light displays while listening to our favorite Christmas songs.

    Posted 11.21.16
  34. Noreen wrote:

    We attend the nutcracker every year the weekend after Thanksgiving. This will be our tenth year

    Posted 11.22.16
  35. Denise S wrote:

    Some of my favorite moments are decorating the tree and making cookies.

    Posted 11.23.16
  36. katherine wrote:

    My kids sleeping under the Christmas tree

    Posted 11.23.16
  37. Dawn M wrote:

    I enjoy sitting down to dinner with my family.

    Posted 11.25.16
  38. Brittney House wrote:

    My favorite Holiday moments are when we surprise my grandmother with her son visiting from out of town.

    Posted 11.26.16
  39. Austin H. wrote:

    Decorating the tree and watching Christmas movies together with the family are my favorite moments. That and of course Christmas dinner, yum!

    Posted 11.28.16
  40. Margaret Smith wrote:

    Christmas morning with my kids is my favorite. Thanks so much.

    Posted 11.30.16
  41. Margaret Smith wrote:
    Posted 11.30.16
  42. CR Williams wrote:

    I love Christmas morning and the joy on everyone’s face.

    Posted 12.3.16
  43. HilLesha wrote:

    My favorite holiday moment is decorating the tree with my family. Thanks for the giveaway! 🙂

    Posted 12.4.16
  44. Susan Smith wrote:

    My favorite holiday moments is spending quality time with my family.

    Posted 12.7.16
  45. Anne Stull wrote:

    My favorite holiday moments are watching my son decorate the tree and going out to see all of the decorated houses. The lights make me so happy


    Posted 12.10.16
  46. patricia skinner wrote:

    Mt favorite holiday moments are when my husband and I are snuggled together watching Christmas movies.

    Posted 12.20.16
  47. Elizabeth pergande wrote:

    My favorite Holiday moments are ones spent with family around the fire.

    Posted 12.23.16
  48. Elizabeth pergande wrote:
    Posted 12.23.16
  49. Jeffrey wrote:

    My favorite holiday moments are having family over for Christmas dinner and opening presents afterward. I will also always love seeing the looks of my boys’ faces on Christmas morning!!

    Posted 12.24.16
  50. Jeffrey wrote:
    Posted 12.24.16
  51. Tracy Simms wrote:

    I get my family up early Christmas morning to pray and open gifts. Now I am baking ham and chicken for Christmas dinner and will finish cooking after church . This is my routine yearly and my family seems to enjoy being together no matter what we do! MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL!

    Posted 12.25.16
  52. Tracy Simms wrote:
    Posted 12.25.16
  53. Jennifer Dunaway wrote:

    My favorite holiday moments are baking with the kids every year.

    Posted 12.25.16
  54. Sarah Waynick wrote:

    I love watching my daughter (5) open her Christmas presents. I also love buying gifts for Toys for Tots with my husband and daughter.

    Posted 12.26.16
  55. sarah k wrote:

    Picking out the Christmas tree and spending time with family was some of my favorite holiday moments.

    Posted 12.27.16
  56. sarah k wrote:
    Posted 12.27.16
  57. angie wrote:

    All of my fav holiday moments are those spent with my partner out in nature or snuggling in bed in front of our digital fireplace enjoying our Winter Solstice decorations. Those are the quiet moments that make life so special.

    Posted 12.30.16
  58. angie wrote:
    Posted 12.30.16
  59. Erica B. wrote:

    My favorite moments are spending time with family.

    Posted 12.30.16
  60. Jen R wrote:

    My favorite holiday moments is sitting next to a lit Christmas tree when the house is quiet.

    Posted 12.30.16
  61. Tabathia B wrote:

    the expressions on my kids faces when they unwrap their presents and spending time with our families

    tbarrettno1 at gmail dot com

    Posted 12.31.16
  62. Tabathia B wrote:

    tweet https://twitter.com/ChelleB36/status/815062908556234752

    tbarrettno1 at gmail dot com

    Posted 12.31.16
  63. Elizabeth wrote:

    I love watching the kids open presents. I also love when it snows and the twinkly lights glow outside!

    Posted 12.31.16
  64. allyson beckr wrote:

    My favorite moments involve watching the joy on the faces of others as they open their presents….

    Posted 12.31.16
  65. Donna Clifford wrote:

    I love the gift of giving for the holidays.

    Posted 12.31.16
  66. Richard Hicks wrote:

    Favorite moments are sitting around dinner table chatting

    Posted 12.31.16
  67. Richard Hicks wrote:
    Posted 12.31.16
  68. Breanne wrote:

    My favorite moments were baking cookies with my grandma.

    Posted 12.31.16
  69. Janice Gabriel wrote:

    My favorite holiday moments are baking cookies with the family children so that they can bond with my 89 year old mother, and then carrying the cookies around to several shut-ins or widows that are spending the holidays alone. They not only get delicious cookies, they get a nice visit!

    Posted 12.31.16

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