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Fashion Looks For Every Moment Of Your Week

Women are constantly on the go. Whether we are racing to the office, the gym or to meet up with our significant other, there’s one thing that is for certain – our outfit will be planned to a T. Personally, I usually start with the shoes and then work my way up. Will there be a lot of walking? That typically determines how high of a heel I am willing to risk. The rest just falls in line.

One thing I won’t let determine my wardrobe: my period. Tampax has period protection for every look, outfit, and occasion. With their variety of products, there is always a “style” to meet your every need.

Let’s walk through a few different life scenarios so I can give you a little fashion inspiration and help get your fashion juices going!

The Perfect White Dress: Spring And Summer

Fashion Looks For Every Moment Of Your Week

We all know that during spring and summer, women tend to brighten up their wardrobe with pops of color and whip out their whites more frequently than the winter months. In the past, there was a hard fast rule about waiting until after Memorial Day before wearing white, but no one really listens to that anymore. You want to wear white jeans in March – go right ahead!! Vogue won’t yell at you, I promise.

When choosing a white dress, consider darker accessories. It’s all about a great balance. You want deep and dark colors or bright and bold colors to offset the lack of color in your main piece. I chose to go with black for my accessories, but use whatever you have. Don’t forget lots of jewelry!  A statement necklace is you FRIEND in this scenario. The bigger, the better. 🙂

If you have your period and still want to rock this look, consider Tampax Pearl Radiant. It’s fashionably designed and features a unique resealable and quiet wrapper. Plus its LeakGuard Braid™ helps stops leaks before they happen by channeling fluid back into the core of the tampon – something you definitely want to happen while wearing WHITE.

For purchase information on each individual piece highlighted above, click here.

The Gym Look

More Casual Fashion Looks For Every Moment Of Your Week

The running joke in my town is most of my friends always look like they are going to the gym when they are actually just going to Target. Lots of sportswear and not enough sports! LOL! That’s ok. It’s comfortable and it works for their lifestyles, right? No judgment between us. We just like to poke fun at one another and call each other out. But if you are actually someone who works out, consider a sports bra with great support, layers – because we all know that once you work up a sweat you are going to want to start removing a layer or two – and a fun graphic tee that displays a message that you can get behind. I LOVE shirts and hats that have humor behind them. I’m not a serious athlete, so my clothes aren’t that serious either. However, my tampon has to be! Consider Tampax Pearl Active when you hit the gym!! It can keep up with whatever activity you choose to take on.

To see the breakdown of each piece on the collage above, click here.

The Perfect Date Night Outfit

Last but not least, whenever I hit the town with my husband, I love to put on a flowing top so I can eat whatever I’d like and super skinny jeans. As far as my accessories are concerned, I love a cork clutch and casual wedges. Keeps it simple and easy. Jewelry is always gold … if you haven’t noticed! LOL. I’m a girl who loves to go big with my bling. Nothing is ever real… so I’m not breaking the bank. On my night out, my tampon of choice is the Tampax Pocket Pearl because I can fit it right into my purse, thanks to its compact size. It gives me the same protection I know and love from the other Tampax Pearl tampons, but it’s smaller and better for travel.

To check out each of the items I highlighted above, click here.

Which Outfit Did You Like Best?

Which Tampax style fits your current needs? Would love to hear!! No matter what tampon you choose, you can be certain that the Tampax Pearl line-up features:

  • A unique LeakGuard Braid™ that channels fluid back into the core to help stop leaks before they happen
  • FormFit™ Technology, which helps eliminate gaps that cause leaks with width-wise expansion to gently form to your unique inner curves
  • A Comfortable Plastic Applicator with a smooth rounded tip to provide comfortable insertion and the specially-designed two-part applicator stays in one piece
  • The Smooth Removal Layer, which makes removing the tampon even easier on light flow days

Remember, one tampon does not fit every need. Change up your Tampax style depending on your daily needs! 

*This post is sponsored by Tampax

Shannon Gurnee

Monday 1st of May 2017

These are some cute modern day looks! This is a great brand for feminine needs!


Wednesday 26th of April 2017

Periods can put a damper to your day and outfit choices. This is a good idea for the workout, I heard it was even great to work out on your cycle to reduce cramping.

Joyce Brewer

Wednesday 26th of April 2017

I'm working on mixing things up in my wardrobe. I tend the wear the same things over and over!

Our Family World

Tuesday 25th of April 2017

I like one or two pieces for every outfit group. I like the necklace from the Perfect white dress. I love the sneakers and the cap from the gym look; and the off-shoulder bell sleeved top from the Perfect Date Night.

Carol Cassara

Tuesday 25th of April 2017

I love seeing outfit inspirations! It gives me an idea on how to update my outfits for the season! Thanks for this, it's much appreciated.

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