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Exclusive Interview With Chris Pratt From The Set Of Guardians Of The Galaxy 2 #GotGVol2

I interviewed Chris Pratt. Drops mic. Thanks for coming. It’s been real. I’m all set. Retiring. Where’s the AARP plan sign up sheet because I am all SET.

I mean… I have the entire interview set to memory. When things get a little too quiet at home, I just start reciting his answers. No one knows what I am doing because it just doesn’t make sense.

“He broke a World Record, as like a racecar driver as a teenager.  He was a pilot for like 25 years.”

What… is… she… talking… about?

Oh – I know damn well what I’m talking about. The voice in my soul. I guess I will share it all with you so you can do the same. Any Guardians of the Galaxy 2 fans? Big one over here. I absolutely LOVED that movie – particularly because it was a storyline that was so new. I love a new ride. In the day and age of the remake, it’s nice to smell some fresh blood.

That didn’t come out right, but you know what I mean.

Ok, so if you are up for a little read, here’s some of my favorite quotes from Chris Pratt about the upcoming billion dollar blockbuster. CALLING IT!!! Guardians of the Galaxy 2 is going to break all types of records! WOOT – I can’t wait.


What is it like to be working and on the road for over a year at a time?

So, this is the third movie in a row. So, I will have been on the road for 13 or 14 months by the time this is over. It’s the perfect movie to have as the third movie. I don’t want to compare them, they’re all different, and I love them all.  But it’s just that James is so good! He knows exactly what he wants.  We all know the characters, everyone’s gotten better since the last movie.  We’d really had to pick up right where we left off.

It just feels like everyone’s on their A game. So, the days are totally manageable. The story is spread out enough to where I have days off.  Which is really nice, so I’ve been able to actually get home to LA and Anna and Jack are able to come out and visit me.  And it’s like getting a nice warm up for the reentry period for when I go back home.

What was it like working with Kurt Russell?

Man, It’s been awesome.  Not every actor whose been around as long as he’s been around is a joy to work with. Anyone who has a bad reputation, they kind of earned them – despite their great careers. And if anyone has a right to be an asshole on set – it’s Kurt.  Kurt Russell is not, he is so great.  I mean, he’s really tough.  I lot of people don’t know everything about Kurt Russell, because like he’s like a professional. He was a professional baseball player. He broke a World Record, as like a race car driver as like a teenager.  He was a pilot, a pilot for like 25 years.  He actually flew delivering packages. He even breeds horses.  He’s such a man.  He’s so good.  Like I asked him if he would be my real dad. No offense to my father. Rest in peace dad, but you’ve been replaced by Kurt Russell.

Do you have a favorite song from Guardians of the Galaxy?  I know you can’t tell us about this one, but from the last movie, do you, if you had to pick a favorite?

The one thing that’s really beautiful about this volume versus the first, was I decided to start a quest. I don’t know what I was thinking.  In the first movie, I listened to the first soundtrack every time I worked out for that movie.  So, by the time the movie rolled around, I hated every song.  No, I did.  I guess I would have to rank them from my least favorite one.

There are some great songs, some great songs.  But what’s great about this second volume is I didn’t do that.  Peter Quill just got the tape two months ago, because we’re picking up just a couple of months after the events of the first movie.  So it doesn’t have to be engrained in my psyche, the way a tape would be that I’ve listened to over, and over, and over again, and have come to hate.  And then again, learned to love.  Which is really where I’m at now.  I might not be quite to the point where I’ve learned to love them again, but I know Peter Quill would have been, you know, it’s like, it’s just a part of, it’s like the pulse of his childhood is this tape. He’s listened to it all the time.

Talk to us about training for the film?

I still kept in good shape for the last couple of movies.  So this one, is just more maintenance than like a big deadline.  You know what I mean? We already shot this sort of shirtless scene. That was pretty early on and you really kind of like plan for that.  Then after that,  I’m like long sleeve shirts and leather jacket, so… I will go have a little sandwich or something.

What did it feel like putting on your character’s signature jacket for the very first time?

The first time I ever put that jacket on, that was the first time I ever really felt like the character.  Like, you know, they say that clothes make the man, but really-really the first time you see yourself – at least for me as an actor – when I’m in the wardrobe and I’m looking at myself, and it’s something that I would never really wear ( long red leather duster). You know, we don’t have one of those in my wardrobe.  Other than the one that I stole from the first movie but…

When you see yourself in the clothes, all of a sudden, the weight of that jacket, the way it moves when you walk, I had like, I found my walk, and I found the feeling of this character for the first time.  And Anna says the same thing about her shoes that she wears as a character.  It’s like she’ll put on the pair of shoes and that’s the first time she really feels it, when she’s literally walking in that person’s shoes.

What did Chris want to steal from set this time???

There’s a couple of things, and they’re always the best things and I’m already good at stealing them, I’ve already stolen something. I don’t want to say anything, I’ll tell you when it’s over.


What do you hope people walk away with after seeing this movie?

The beauty of these movies is that adults love them too.  But I think the adults who love them, they love them because it brings them back to Saturday cartoons when they were kids, you know.

With Marvel, I think they’ve, what they’ve done is they’ve made movies that kids are going to love, because it has all the elements that kids love.  But also, really great compelling stories that adults will watch and want their kids to see.  What I want kids to walk away with is just, and just too, an experience, you know.  It’s less about what they think about us, but more about who they got to go see that movie with.  You know, what they’ll, will they always remember the time they went to go see Guardians of the Galaxy with their dad, or their mom, or their uncle.  You know, it’s like, that’s what I think about it, it’s not so much about what’s happening in the movie as much as what’s happening for that kid that day.

What’s next for you, before Civil War 2?

Well, I’m taking a break.  I’m going home and just taking a break.  And then I’ve got a couple of movies coming out at the end of the year and we’ll promote those.  Until then, I’m just kind of going off the grid and telling everyone in Hollywood “don’t call me.” I’m just going to do my-my best to be present at home. 

How is it working on CGI on this film versus other films you’ve done?

I’m just getting better at it.   I’m having a greater understanding of what we need, what works and what doesn’t.  We were a well-oiled machine in that regard.  I don’t have really any questions about it, you know? I know exactly what James wants.

Now it’s just second nature.  Like I think if I did a movie that was all just people, I would be like, wait, where, why are you all here again?

So amazing!! Yes, I know this one is long… but I didn’t want to leave anything OUT. Be sure to hit the theatre the DAY Guardians of the Galaxy 2 comes out – ya hear?!

Disney and Marvel invited me to the set of Guardians of the Galaxy 2. All accommodations and travel were paid.

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