My Exclusive Interview With Jordin Sparks On The Set Of Her New Music Video ‘This Is My Wish’ With Glade

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Fans can download Jordin Sparks’ new holiday song “This is My Wish” for free at until December 31.

Guys…I’ve been sitting on this secret for WEEKS and I can finally spill the beans!! I am lucky enough to be pretty good friends with the amazing people over at Glade. So, when they told me they were shooting a music video with Jordin Sparks in Queens and invited me to spend the day and interview the mega songstress…I couldn’t get the “heck yes” out fast enough! The day was frenetic, but so much fun. I was the only person there that was not directly involved with the project. What a treat!! She was BEAUTIFUL, very down to Earth and just more lovely than I had ever anticipated her being.

The official music video for “This is My Wish” starring Jordin Sparks and the Young People’s Choir of New York is now available for you to check out! The song was initially featured in the new 30-second Glade Holiday TV spot. But after an overwhelming response, Glade decided to finish it and create a full length version.

I think we had a great interview. Jordin opened up about why she partnered with Glade, her must have travel beauty products, and a lot more — check it out below!

V: Why did you partner with Glade?

J: I partnered with Glade because 1) I love their products and 2) I really love their charitable efforts. I love what they are doing with Toys for Tots. I think it is such an incredible project and anything I can do for kids – I am all for it. Also when they asked me to do the song I was really stoked because it is so beautiful. I was born with an innate love for Christmas. I am a Christmas baby. So anytime I get a chance to do a new Christmas song, I love to be able to do that. I heard the demo and just fell in love with it because I love songs with choirs in them. A children’s choir brings in all the best feelings that you feel around the holidays. That’s what Glade is all about. I don’t partner with things that aren’t authentic to me. It just seemed really perfect and it’s been a lot of fun so far.

V: What are some of your favorite Holiday Traditions and Scents?

J: One of my favorite holiday traditions is participating in a White Elephant Gift Exchange because you never know what you are going to get. Basically, everyone sits in a circle and you all bring an anonymous gift. It could be anything – really expensive, homemade, even an empty box. Whatever your heart desires. You go around and exchange and after a certain number of swaps, the gift is yours.

A few Christmas ago, I got stove top burners. Not a stove – but the coils that heat up a stove. I didn’t know what to do with them but that’s the fun of it all. I love that tradition.

The scents that reminds me of the holidays are – vanilla and pine trees. Glade has one called Vanilla Joy. We used it during the music video shoot. I was walking around and holding it under my nose because it smelled so good. Another scent is called Sparkly Spruce and that one I want to send to my mom because she loves the fir, spruce and pine scents because they are just perfect for the holidays.

V: Name Three Must-Have Travel Essentials:

J: Let me think of my essentials… What do I have to have?

Eyelashes – every girl should carry some eyelashes with her. It can brighten your face up and make your eyes open up instantaneously.
A really good moisturizer. Stick to what works best for your skin. I have combination skin and sometimes I’ll be using something and have to switch because it stops working.
A good perfume because you never know if you are going to be stuck somewhere or if spill something on yourself. Carry a 4 ounce bottle of your favorite scent that you can travel with.

V: How Crazy Is It These Days With Fans?

J: It depends on where I am. Every situation is different. If I’m going to walk in the middle of Times Square with makeup on – sure! It will happen. I know that there are artists out there that have people following them all the time. I feel like I am blessed to not have it invade my personal space like that. I don’t have people waiting outside the bathroom to take a picture with me if I go out to eat for example.

But I do get recognized daily – it’s because of my smile. As soon as I smile, I get a reaction. Most times I can walk through the airport unnoticed if I don’t smile. It’s funny. People will do a double take and they think about it – but if I smile then they do.

I love going to the movies with my boyfriend Jason. We can’t go on a Friday night at 7PM because the crowd will notice us for sure. So, we like to go on a Tuesday for a matinee. You work around the crowds.

I know how I feel when I look at people that I grew up listening to and watching. If I ran into them, I know it would be a special thing. I am very conscious of that and try to always be available – though I am not perfect.

V: Any Special Holiday Plans?

J: I spent Thanksgiving with Jason’s family this year. It was my turn to go – we take turns. For Christmas, I’m not sure where I’m going to be because I just bought my first house. I want to put a tree up in my house. We’ll see how that goes!

My birthday is Dec 22nd. I was due on Christmas and my mom did not want that to happen.

V: What Is Your Wish (One Personal and One General)?

Personal Wish

J: My personal wish would be to continue to feel the way that I feel right now. I am very content. Everyone in my personal life is also in a good place. My mom’s is going to get married. My dad is good. My brother just had my niece. I would just love for it to keep going because it’s all very good.

General Wish

J: I would like people to be a little more compassionate. Right now, people are a bit hardened and desensitized to a lot of things. Having some compassion for other people would go a long way.

This experience was such a PLEASURE!! Thank you again to Glade for allowing me to quietly watch the filming of the music video and for allowing me to spend time with Jordin Sparks.

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