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Are you looking to keep off some of the holiday season weight? Are you just laying in wait of the dreaded scale come January 2nd…after one too many Christmas party and New Year’s toast? Well, I just wanted to let you know that there may be some help in sight!  There’s just TWO MORE DAYS to enter the Slim Fast sweeps for the chance to win a fabulous holiday surprise…check it out here: http://bit.ly/SlimfastSexySanta!!!  Enter now because one lucky person will win a holiday bash with yummy holiday-themed mocktails created by DR Mixologist. They’ll even receive gifts delivered by a Sexy Santa squad of hot men!

One (1) lucky Lady and the Blog reader will get your very own Sexy Santa Set, which would include: 

  • One red “Naughty and Nice” apple cinnamon scented candle to spice up your holidays
  • A red eye mask that will help you get your much-deserved beauty sleep
  • Four-pack of the limited edition Slimfast Chocolate Mint shakes that are a delicious on-the-go substitute for a busy woman like you

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  1. I try to handle the holidays as simply as possible. I love to decorate the house and go tot he parties, but Christmas is most importantly about family and friends. That is where I try to keep my efforts.

    Posted 12.14.13
  2. D Schmidt wrote:

    I handle the holidays by eating lots of chocolate and drinking lots of tea!

    Posted 12.14.13
  3. Donna wrote:

    I try to try a bite of everything – everything in moderation and always have a cup of something warm (sometimes just hot water with lemon or tea) that is also low calorie (note – NOT hot cocoa but sometimes, yes to a hot toddy) which helps me digest but also has my hand full so I can’t dive into eating something with both hands!

    Posted 12.14.13
  4. Lauren Becker wrote:

    I handle the holidays by trying to take time to enjoy the things I really want to do…and as for gift giving, I plan all year to try and save money and give myself enough time to be unique/creative.

    Posted 12.14.13
  5. Lauren wrote:

    make a list just like santa

    Posted 12.14.13
  6. Amber wrote:

    By eating lots of cookies and drinking lots of egg nog.

    Posted 12.14.13
  7. Melissa Hartley wrote:

    Lots of laughter!

    Posted 12.14.13
  8. Jackie wrote:

    I do what I can and try not to stress about the thinks that I don’t have time to do.
    Thank you!

    Posted 12.14.13
  9. Sue Ellison wrote:

    I make lists to stay organized and try to make everyone feel special.

    Posted 12.15.13
  10. marian boll wrote:

    by keeping everything as simple as possible and planning as far ahead as I can.

    Posted 12.15.13
  11. julie murphy wrote:

    i just take it one day at a time

    Posted 12.15.13
  12. Diana Stanhope wrote:

    I take it easy. It is always just me my husband and my mom. The kids have moved out of state so we have a skype chat and then sit my the fire and talk all day.

    Posted 12.15.13
  13. Amanda S. wrote:

    I make sure to take time for myself and relax!

    Posted 12.15.13
  14. Jennifer T wrote:

    I’m out of school during the holidays, but I’m always shopping at the last minute.

    Posted 12.15.13
  15. Robyn L wrote:

    I handle the holidays by not trying to do it all in a day. I try to plan a little each day. Chocolate also helps:)

    Posted 12.15.13
  16. Jessica wrote:

    I handle the holidays by making lists and sticking to them!!!

    Posted 12.16.13
  17. HollyY wrote:

    I enjoy the time with family and friends. Especially the excitement of my kids.

    Posted 12.16.13
  18. Stephanie Larison wrote:

    I try portion sizes around the holidays.

    Posted 12.16.13
  19. Tom Bellamy wrote:

    By throwing parties and enjoying friends and family.

    Posted 12.16.13
  20. liz l wrote:

    I spread it out in order to stay sane

    Posted 12.16.13
  21. Karrie Millheim wrote:

    By taking baths and having my computer time …making sure i have me time

    Posted 12.16.13
  22. Renee G wrote:

    I take the holidays one day at a time.

    Posted 12.16.13
  23. Brittney House wrote:

    Planning ahead and shopping during sales.

    Posted 12.17.13
  24. Robin wrote:

    I think it is important to have a plan and stick to the schedule

    Posted 12.17.13
  25. Not very well. I usually stress out over the holidays.

    Posted 12.17.13
  26. susan smoaks wrote:

    I try to stay as close to routine as possible during the holidays. I eat a little more and have a little more party time but for the most part it’s just another day.

    Posted 12.17.13
  27. Paula Tavernie wrote:

    I just go with the flow and not stress about it!

    Posted 12.17.13
  28. Lauren Knott wrote:

    I drink a lot of red wine. 🙂

    Posted 12.17.13
  29. Melanie C wrote:

    with baking! I love to bake cookies during the holidays. It keeps my mind of off things and hey, no one bothers the one making and bringing the sweet goods 🙂

    Posted 12.17.13
  30. Amy Lee wrote:

    Lots and lots of planning!

    Posted 12.17.13
  31. Nicole DeFontes wrote:

    I handle the holidays by imagining my kids on Christmas morning.

    Posted 12.17.13
  32. Paol Trenny wrote:

    I take it one step at a time because it could very stressful for me

    Posted 12.17.13

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