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Enter To Win One Million Frequent Flyer Miles From Star Alliance 

Wow! I usually don’t share contests from other brands, but this one is super amazing and cannot be passed up.  Star Alliance is celebrating its 20thanniversary with a worldwide mileage competition where travelers share their favorite cultural experiences for a chance to win one million frequent flyer miles (1,000,000 miles).They will gift 21 lucky winners with 1,000,000 frequent flier miles to be used on any of the 28 member airlines*.

How to enter:

The online competition can be entered in three easy steps at

  • First, users select the Star Alliance FFP in which they wish to win the million miles and enter your FFP number. Participants who are not already members of a Star Alliance FFP can sign-up and receive a membership number online in order to participate.
  • Next, contestants will upload a profile picture and an image of a favorite cultural where they will also describe their favorite cultural experience.

The competition ends July 31, 2017 and the 21 winners will be announced on September 28, 2017.

* Some FFPs are offering alternative/comparable prizes. Full Terms and Conditions can be found at:


Best of luck!

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