ENTER TO WIN: BECO Soleil Baby Carrier


When you are in the outdoors, running around with the kids doing errands, or at a crowded event or venue, a stroller isn’t always possible or convenient. I know you understand what I mean…a comfortable carrier is a MUST. BECO’s new carrier – the Soleil – is truly perfect for traveling and for any busy parent that is always on the go. It really makes life a little bit easier, and isn’t that what we are all looking for…just a teeny tiny bit of easy sometimes?? LOL!!

BECO Black

The new Soleil has to be the best carrier for vacation or active use, and here’s why:

1. Its no-fuss intuitive design – It’s easy to get on and off – important when you are traveling and rushing.

2. It carries more than just the baby – Every Soleil features a convenient expandable built-in pocket with key and toy ring on the waist belt – perfect for holding cell phones, cash/credit cards, keys and baby’s favorite toy on the go.

3. It’s the most customizable carrier available – Essentially, what you can do with the SOLEIL that you can’t with others is add on accessories and change them out each season for a fresh look. Choose from drooling pads, hood to protect baby from the elements and carry all bag which seamlessly attaches to the Soleil and can be worn on its own as a stylish cross body bag. These accessories are great for vacationing on the go.

4. It’s the most comfortable and safe carrier! You can customize it for a perfect fit. Whether you are petite or tall (mom or dad) you will truly experience the most comfortable and safe made possible by the innovative ergonomic and lushly-padded design of the SOLEIL.

5. Baby gets the best ride: Baby is comfortable and safe with richly padded seat and leg support (no more chafing) and shaped to ensure baby is seated in ergonomically proper “M” position. A built-in padded headrest ensures protection for baby’s precious head. Plus, it offers 3 carry positions (front, back and hip carry) and can be used from infancy to toddlerhood comfortably.

6. The Soleil can be used from infancy to toddlerhood (up to 45 lbs).

BECO Soleil

Here are some more details:

  • Delicate BECO flower lace. White on grey.
  • Panel: Stella
  • Shoulder straps: Black
  • 100% Cotton.
  • Included: baby carrier, hood, bag
  • Price: $140.00

Find out more online by visting:

One (1) lucky Lady and the Blog reader will receive their very own BECO Soleil in Stella!!
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  1. karen medlin wrote:

    I have not used one yet, been thinking of try one out.

    Posted 11.3.13
  2. Caroline wrote:

    Love the look of this. I have a Beco Gemini, but this looks much easier. I want one!

    Posted 11.3.13
  3. Mary Happymommy wrote:

    I’ve used baby carriers in the past but not this brand.

    Posted 11.3.13
  4. Jennifer Nguyen wrote:

    Would really love one of these!

    Posted 11.3.13
  5. kelly rae wrote:

    We use a Ergo but I’ve been dying to try a new soft carrier.

    Posted 11.3.13
  6. MJ wrote:

    I’ve only ever used a sling but am due any day now with #3 and think a carrier is going to be essential!

    Posted 11.3.13
  7. Roxanne W wrote:

    I’m expecting my first in April and I am dying to use a baby carrier – they seem more convenient and better for baby.

    Posted 11.3.13
  8. Wehaf wrote:

    I’ve used several different kinds of carriers; I like them.

    Posted 11.3.13
  9. Kristin wrote:

    I’m having my first baby in march and can’t wait for baby wearing!

    Posted 11.3.13
  10. My daughter just had her baby and has been talking about getting a carrier.

    Posted 11.3.13
  11. sarah t wrote:

    I do use a carrier but my son is at the weight limit on mine

    Posted 11.3.13
  12. aimee mcpherson wrote:

    i would love a carrier that holds toddlers too! This would be great to try!

    Posted 11.3.13
  13. Karlajardine wrote:

    I have heard so much about these, would love to try one!

    Posted 11.3.13
  14. Tara wrote:

    I had a carrier for my 1st, but I don’t have one yet for my 2nd.

    Posted 11.4.13
  15. I owned two with my son. So easy to carry them those first few months.

    Posted 11.4.13
  16. Kimberly wrote:

    I have a carrier for the littlest but would love one that can go up to 45 lbs for the older one.

    Posted 11.4.13
  17. Susan wrote:

    I loved my Beco Gemini with my son, and this one would be perfect for #2.

    Posted 11.4.13
  18. Karen wrote:

    I’m still recovering from my c-section, but my husband has been wearing our 2 week old in the Ergo and is loving it. The baby falls right to sleep!

    Posted 11.4.13
  19. Amy Martin wrote:

    I’ve used one or two, but only part time. I’m expecting and dying to use one way more often with this one!

    Posted 11.4.13
  20. marian boll wrote:

    This would be for my granddaughter’s baby who is 5 weeks old

    Posted 11.4.13
  21. Jillian S wrote:

    I currently have a moby and would love to try this one

    Posted 11.4.13
  22. Stephanie Edwards wrote:

    I have been looking into getting a Beco! This would be such a great help as my baby gets older!

    Posted 11.5.13
  23. Kerri wrote:

    Dying to try…

    Posted 11.5.13
  24. Tanaya S. wrote:

    I love baby wearing. I use a cat bird baby mei tai for now.

    Posted 11.5.13
  25. Jennifer Marie wrote:

    I had one before, but it wasn’t a very good one. I would love to try a new one!

    Posted 11.5.13
  26. Tamar wrote:

    I want one that is better on my back. Maybe this is it.

    Posted 11.5.13
  27. Val Pearson wrote:

    I’m going to be a first time grandma. You bet I’m dying to try a baby carrier.

    Posted 11.5.13
  28. Gail Williams wrote:

    I did use a baby carrier for my three daughters. This would be for my daughter who is expecting.

    Posted 11.5.13
  29. Rebecca Peters wrote:

    I currently have a lightweight one but its not a unsupported carrier- its one that you have to keep a hand on and a sling. Its nice for the beach because its very minimal but not right now! lol

    Posted 11.5.13
  30. Rebecca Peters wrote:

    Oh and my email is hrny(4)pball(@) yahoo (dot) com

    Posted 11.5.13
  31. i own a few, but have been dying to try a beco!

    Posted 11.5.13
  32. nickie wrote:

    LOve to have one of these.

    Posted 11.5.13
  33. I have an Ergo and love it but would love to try the Beco! I love babywearing!

    Posted 11.5.13
  34. Lindsey D. wrote:

    We have used carriers all the time for our kids and now we will be needing one for our next baby.

    Posted 11.5.13
  35. Dying to try one!

    Posted 11.5.13
  36. Jessica wrote:

    We have a Moby. I would love to add this beautiful carrier to our collection!

    Posted 11.5.13
  37. Katie Roch wrote:

    I would love to try a baby carrier and this one looks great!

    Posted 11.5.13
  38. Kimberly wrote:

    I love baby wearing and had 3 carriers that I used regularly with our first baby. We’re now expecting baby #2 and I’d like to add some new ones to the mix.

    Posted 11.5.13
  39. Janice Auna wrote:

    I’ve only ever used a stretchy wrap. I’m dying to try a soft structured carrier like this one though 🙂

    Posted 11.5.13
  40. Amanda wrote:

    I did use a baby carrier–I wore it out! Would love to give this to my sis who is expecting the first of the year.

    Posted 11.5.13
  41. jenn mcclearn wrote:

    i have a baby carrier but I do not use it often because it is hard to get on and off and hurts my back. This carrier looks great

    Posted 11.6.13
  42. heather eg kaufman wrote:

    I had an Ergo with my 2nd, but I donated it. I would love to try this one!

    Posted 11.6.13
  43. melikegarfield wrote:

    I have not tried this but am looking to give one for a baby shower.

    Posted 11.6.13
  44. Mary D wrote:

    I love carrying our baby. We need a second carrier so my hubby can carry our toddler.

    Posted 11.6.13
  45. leah wrote:

    I have yet to use a carrier.

    Posted 11.6.13
  46. Alexia wrote:

    I am dying to try the ErgoBaby carrier!

    Posted 11.6.13
  47. Natalie wrote:

    I would love to try one to save my back!

    Posted 11.6.13
  48. Alex Turpen wrote:

    I have a Moby, but I’d love to try one of these carriers!

    Posted 11.6.13
  49. Heather B wrote:

    I have a Moby Wrap that we use. I love wearing my son, would love something a little esier to get him into though!

    Posted 11.7.13
  50. Randi S wrote:

    We have a few different carrieers and love them all, but would really love to try this one 🙂

    Posted 11.7.13
  51. Natalie Yeoman wrote:

    I’m dying to try
    [email protected]

    Posted 11.7.13
  52. Natalie S wrote:

    I have and occassionally use the Ergo carrier – would love to try this one!

    Posted 11.7.13
  53. rachel wrote:

    i have never tried one, but have heard SUCH good things about them

    Posted 11.8.13
  54. Stacey Roberson wrote:

    We have an Onya, and I love it! I’m hoping to win this for a friend who does not have a baby carrier, but needs one.

    Posted 11.8.13
  55. Cassandra Eastman wrote:

    I use a ring sling but this would be much easier to put on!

    Posted 11.8.13
  56. Theresa J wrote:

    I want to try one really bad

    Posted 11.8.13
  57. Ruth V. wrote:

    Have several, but dying to try a BECO!!

    Posted 11.8.13
  58. Vera P. wrote:

    I’m dying to try.

    Posted 11.8.13
  59. Stephanie Larison wrote:

    I’m trying to win for my sister. I’ve never done it before.

    Posted 11.8.13
  60. Jill Myrick wrote:

    I don’t currently have a baby carrier but would love to have one for my son. This would make shopping, family walks, vacations and errands so much more pleasant for all of us.


    Posted 11.8.13
  61. Sasha L. wrote:

    I have an ergo carrier, but it does not fit right! so I’m dying to try this one

    Posted 11.8.13
  62. liz wrote:

    my sister in law uses one

    Posted 11.9.13
  63. Patricia Wojnar Crowley wrote:

    My sister could use one!

    Posted 11.9.13
  64. Brittney House wrote:

    My sister is a new mom, i’m not yet, so this would be for her so she can get things accomplished while holding the baby.

    Posted 11.9.13
  65. Richard Hicks wrote:

    My sister in law has a new baby and would let her have this if if win. Very nice carrier!

    brich22 at earthlink dot net

    Posted 11.9.13
  66. Andrina G wrote:

    I used one. I want to win this for my niece.

    Posted 11.9.13
  67. Lisa wrote:

    we have one but its not comfortable

    Posted 11.9.13
  68. Mihaela Day wrote:

    I’m dying to try yo use one 🙂

    Posted 11.10.13
  69. molli vandehey wrote:

    im currently using an ergo but would love to try the beco

    Posted 11.10.13
  70. Teresa Thompson wrote:

    My daughter uses one.

    Posted 11.10.13
  71. Kelly wrote:

    Dying to try

    Posted 11.10.13
  72. janet wrote:

    I would like to use this with my grandson when I have him for a visit and his mom could use it when she was at home with him:)

    Posted 11.10.13
  73. Joy Q wrote:

    I would love to try.
    joyq19135 at yahoo dot com

    Posted 11.10.13

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