ENTER TO WIN $250: FTD’s #100Moms ‘Share Your Story’ Is Amazing!


I love my mom. She has been one of my best friends. There’s so much I can say, probably hundreds of things, so I made a little video about some of the things she’s said in the past that have stuck with me and made me a little bit stronger and got me a little more preparer for life. I’ve never told her that these little quotes circle around in my head from time to time. Maybe I should send her this video!! LOL! Truly, I’m so happy that FTD decided to create “Share Your Story” giving us all such a great forum to honor mom on this 100th anniversary of Mother’s Day!!!

Check out my video here!!! Let me know what you think…I’m sure you have tons to say, too!!!

Ok, you’ve seen my video. Now, it’s your turn to make your mom feel great, too!  Tell FTD and me about your mom and all the great things she’s done for you or what she means to you! If you want to share a story about your mom, please visit the FTD.com Mother’s Day page and their Share Your Story page where the top 100 stories will win a $50 FTD gift card!! I know it will be tough, but try to keep it all in 200 words or less. Then, please do me a favor…once you enter, stop back here on LAB and leave a comment letting me know that you’ve shared your story with FTD.

To find out more about FTD, check them out online:

One (1) lucky Lady and the Blog reader will receive $250 in FTD goodies!!!!! Seriously, how awesome is that???

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  1. Brittany Millsaps wrote:

    My mom is amazing and has always been there for me! Especially in the past 6 months when I got laid off of work 9 months pregnant and needed help and support!

    Posted 5.3.14
  2. Katherine wrote:

    I commented on her perseverence

    Posted 5.4.14
  3. kathy dalton wrote:
    Posted 5.4.14
  4. Christie L wrote:

    I posted a picture and talked about her strength in overcoming breast cancer two times while still staying positive.

    Posted 5.4.14
  5. nicole dz wrote:

    I posted a picture and why my mom is special on the FTD site. Some of what i said is She’s always generous, kind in her words, & gives the best advice. Here’s the link- http://bit.ly/1nC5eiO

    Posted 5.4.14
  6. christine jessamine wrote:

    I shared my story! https://apps.facebook.com/ftdcontest/showentry/Share-your-Photo/127699

    My mom has always been the most selfless person I have ever known

    christinejessamine at hotmail dot com

    Posted 5.5.14
  7. Peggy Hiykel wrote:

    Love FTD and so will my mom.

    Posted 5.5.14
  8. Michelle Persons wrote:

    I posted a short story about how my mom always puts others first on twitter.

    Posted 5.6.14
  9. Trisha Burgess wrote:

    I posted a pick and my words for my mom is if I can only be half the mom she is then I am winning in mommy hood!

    Posted 5.6.14
  10. kyl neusch wrote:

    posted pic

    Posted 5.6.14
  11. My mother grew to be my friend and running buddy. I had her for over 65 years of my life and I am thankful to the Lord above for her . I lost her March 19, 2014 and miss her so very much but know I will see her again. She faced life with a smile and jealously guarded her family and took care of my brother and I teaching us both to be good people. Her faith was her strongest point and her love of life was a pure joy to be around. She could be tough and was a firm believer in doing what we wanted to do in life even if she knew it was wrong, We were allowed to grow by our mistakes. I only hope my sons feel the same way about me before and after I pass. Wish I could present flowers to her personally but she knows!

    Posted 5.6.14
  12. joe gersch wrote:

    i posted a picture and it said My mom loves me unconditionally and I do the same

    Posted 5.7.14
  13. Kathleen wrote:

    A picture and it said strong – which is the top word that comes to mind when i think of my mom

    kport207 at gmail dot com

    Posted 5.7.14
  14. Kathleen Ophelan wrote:

    ophelank @ yahoo.com

    I posted a video made by my son. He started off by saying how he loved her for her great hugs, and trips to the grocery store! haha

    Posted 5.8.14
  15. Anonymous wrote:

    I posted a picture and wrote about how my mom is there for us even though she cared for my dad who has parkinsons. [email protected]

    Posted 5.8.14
  16. Peggy Rydzewski wrote:

    No I did not. My mother passed away a few years ago but I always buy her flowers still and put them on the table.

    Posted 5.8.14
  17. Karrie Millheim wrote:

    that she was always there for me

    Posted 5.8.14
  18. Laurie Emerson wrote:

    I posted how she handled breast cancer with so much dignity, grace and courage.

    Posted 5.8.14
  19. Sky Evans wrote:

    My mom always helps me.

    Posted 5.8.14
  20. MARIA simon wrote:


    Posted 5.8.14
  21. Sarah L wrote:

    I posted a picture and told about her sense of adventure.
    Thanks for the contest.

    Posted 5.9.14
  22. Rachel Ellis wrote:

    No I did not post a picture because my mom passed away almost 8 years ago but I still try to do something each mothers day to honor her because she was an amazing woman.

    Posted 5.9.14
  23. susan smoaks wrote:

    i posted a picture. i told my mom how terrific she is and how much i love her.

    Posted 5.9.14

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