Relax…Enjoy Your Time With Your Kids Each And Every Day

Humans like progress. Plain and simple. We like to check things off a list. We like to keep moving forward. AS WE SHOULD! I remember being a first time mom and celebrating milestones but only for a brief moment because as soon as I was able to say my daughter could do X, I was already working on her ability to accomplish Y.

Like I said, we can’t help it!

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But you know what? Things really changed for me after having baby number three and when I’m asked advice from new moms-to-be, the ONLY thing that I tell them is to enjoy every single second and stop rushing ahead. Because no matter how hard we try, time has a way of pushing forward whether we like it or not. And there will come a time when we don’t want the days to feel so short.

With baby number three, I don’t rush anything. I didn’t care when he started to walk and you know what? That boy still has a bottle before bed and I’m ok with that. He’s my last child (this shop is closed) and I know that with a blink of an eye this time will pass.

So cherish the milestones. Cherish the memories. Cherish the little wins. And don’t worry about what’s next according to the books or the websites. Embrace the day and the hugs and realize this phase in your life is shorter than you think – but it represents the golden years my friends!

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So, what were some of the memorable milestones we went through with the children? Of course, the moment they smiled at us and actually meant it – what a day! Rolling over was always a treat. Crawling was even better! I loved when the kids started to engage with their toys. When they shook the rattles and pressed the buttons. Yes! I even loved it when they played those loud music toys over and over again. And who can forget the teething stage? I used to love to rub my fingers up and down my babies’ gums to feel those little chicklets coming through. We all know that with teeth comes an introduction to new food and that means an exploration of a whole new world! If my children ever felt discomfort, I simply used Baby Orajel Naturals Teething Gel™ to soothe their pain. I loved the fact that it was a safe, effective, homeopathic solution for irritability, to provide some relief. Did you know that there’s also teething tablets available these days? I love progress!

My favorite stage thus far? When the kids begin to talk. I’m actually right in the middle of this phase with my little Caleb. At 2 years old, he is just finding out that by putting words together, he can form a complete thought and it is just the most magical thing to witness. I enjoy every second of the day with my son because he is constantly trying to communicate with me.

What’s ahead of me? So much more and I’m looking forward to all of it! But I’m not going to worry about looking up dates and ranges because I know it will happen when it happens. Take my advice and live in the moment with your baby. Embrace every second because before you know it they will be on their iPads, running to their many after-school activities, and needing you less and less. It’s a lot different once they are tweens! But look on the bright side!! Those tweens will have milestones to hit of their own. And your babies – no matter their age – will always be your babies!! At least, that’s what I keep telling mind.

This post was sponsored by the maker of Baby Orajel™ through CafeMom. I received compensation but all opinions and thoughts stated within this post are my own.

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