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Doctor On Demand: Get Medical Advice And Prescriptions Online (FREE FIRST VISIT WITH CODE)

Have you ever been too sick that you just couldn’t make it to your doctor? Or you had a question but it was too late and your regular doctor was closed? How about being on vacation and having a child get sick? I can answer yes to every single one of these questions!

Doctor On Demand: Get Medical Advice And Prescriptions Online From Certified Professionals

doctor on demand

I just learned about a new service called Doctor on Demand that links patients with Board Certified physicians, pediatricians, psychologists, or lactation consultants. It all depends on what YOU NEED.

When you visit Doctor on Demand, you have to answer a quick survey outlining your symptoms first. Then, the system automatically puts you in touch with the right doctor to help you get help FAST.

There’s no waiting rooms.

There’s no long lines.

There’s no referrals to worry about.

It’s just you and your story with a doctor that is ready to take action. I really enjoyed my appointment – especially since I had a pretty serious question. As you know, I’m going through some allergy-related mysteries as of late and the latest news is that it’s related to Thyroidism.

I needed a second opinion and gave my full background history to the doctor I was assigned too and was happy to hear that I am on the right track.

Here’s a video overview of Doctor On Demand.

What’s the fee?

doctor on demand fee schedule

How much does it cost to use the Doctor on Demand service? It depends on what you need – but as you can see, it’s all very reasonable. And yes, some insurances allow you to submit claims. Click here for more information.

coupon code for doctor on demand

Want a free visit?

Great news! I have a code for a free visit. Simply use code LADY50 while registering and your first visit will be FREE. Talk about risk free. This is not a subscription service. Remember that! You can test the service out for free without having to sign up for any sort of commitment.

What about prescriptions? 

Yes! Doctor on Demand fills prescriptions. How amazing is that? They will assess your symptoms by using the video feature on your computer and by listening to your description of the illness and call in a prescription to your pharmacy of choice. This is a lifesaver!

What do you think about Doctor on Demand? Is this a service you would like to try out? Visit here for more information.

* I’ve teamed up with Doctor on Demand to help spread the word about their online service.

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