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Do You Have A Few Minutes Today To Help #EndPeriodPoverty ?

Did you know that a recent survey created by Always found that nearly 1 in 5 American girls have either left school early or missed school entirely because of a lack of access to period products? I can’t imagine this. I have a daughter who is going into the 8th grade and this statistic makes me think of all of her friends.  Imagine if 1 out of 5 of my daughter’s friends had to miss school because they didn’t have access to period products? I feel confident saying that this wouldn’t happen in my town on Long Island. My friends and neighbors are able to provide period products for their children. So, what does that mean? That means that we have to do what we can for those family who cannot do for themselves. This is the true meaning of a community. 

This back-to-school season, Always wants to spark a national conversation to raise awareness about the lack of access to period products that is affecting millions of girls in the U.S. and take action to help #EndPeriodPoverty. How are they doing this? A few different ways:

At puberty, girls’ confidence plummets. Her first period often marks the lowest point of confidence during her teenage years, and having to miss school because of lack of access to period products only makes this drop in confidence worse. Do you remember the confusion you felt during this time in your life? Your body was changing. Your face was experiencing acne for the first time ever. Your emotions were pretty much everywhere and nobody was really talking about any of it.  Even friends don’t admit that they have their periods to one another. It’s a really strange time in a girl’s life. Imagine not being comfortable enough to ask for a pad because you don’t have enough to get through the day? This lack of access starts a vicious cycle: missing classes, getting behind in school work and missing out on activities, like sports and clubs. These activities help build her confidence and skills, and missing out can limit a girl’s potential and opportunities far beyond puberty. 

Always Is Donating 15 Million Products

Always has a goal to donate 15 million period products to Feeding America, a long-standing partner, through the organization’s school pantry program, which provides food, toiletries, and personal care products to kids who are most in need. I really love this organization because they are such a pillar in so many communities in need. To know that Always – a brand I completely love and trust – is about to contribute 15 million products to Feeding American and know that I can be a part of it all brings me such JOY. 

Here’s where YOU come in

Every purchase of Always from July 29 – September 8 will trigger a donation of product to girls in need.

ANY purchase you make from TODAY until September 8th will count towards this donation. Stock up! You are going to need these products anyway, right? Why not get them while they are working towards the greater good? I just love this idea!

For decades, Always has been empowering millions of girls through puberty and confidence education, providing products to girls in need, and most recently by tackling societal barriers through the Always #LikeAGirl movement. By raising awareness, you’re helping to make it easier to tackle this problem as well. Remember, you can help by either making a purchase or by using your social media accounts to ask others to take action. Any bit helps. Together, we can help end period poverty.

****This is a sponsored post.


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