Do You Dare? Top Bun Hairstyle

You can’t flip through a fashion magazine or watch a runway video without coming across the top bun hairstyle. For most, it’s a non-option. Having sleek, tight sides with a top bun isn’t really the most flattering of looks. Unless… you can pull it off. I most certainly CANNOT.

But there are some who look glamorous with the top bun. The shape of their face and their high cheekbones all work in their favor.

Still – no matter how beautiful you are – if you take the top bun to the extreme, you can end up looking alien-like.

Keep it full. Keep it semi-loose. And keep it fabulous.

Want to give the top bun hairstyle a shot? Here’s a great tutorial I found on YouTube.

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  1. Sherry wrote:

    I suck at trying to style my hair in new ways but this isn’t something I’d even try. Not my favorite look on anybody. The messy-look ones are okay, but still kinda ‘eh’.

    I bought this goofy twisty thing that’s supposed to help me do a french twist..we’ll see about that.

    Posted 1.10.12

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