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Do It Yourself Ramen Noodle Soup Recipe


Do It Yourself Ramen Noodle Soup Recipe

I have been craving homemade ramen noodle soup for WEEKS and cannot for the life of me find anyone to make it! There isn’t a restaurant or grandmother in sight. It’s so sad. I am so SAD. Finally, over the weekend, I decided to go online and make the meal on my own. I had to go out and buy all the ingredients which made this meal super expensive. All in, I think I was around $60! Yikes! But that’s because I didn’t have ANY soy sauce or rice vinegar or chicken stock or chicken or… ANYTHING. At this point, if I ever made the soup again, it would cost me hardly anything which is what a family of five can hope for.

Having said that… 

Click here to check out the base recipe .

I added corn and an extra onion to the base of the soup and decided to use shredded beef instead of corn when making this week’s ramen.

Have you ever made ramen noodle soup on your own? Do you have a favorite recipe to share? Would love to hear it!

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