DIY Striped Picture Frame: How To


Are you looking for an easy DIY project that can add a little life to an old picture frame? Check out this fun DIY craft that will show you how to stripe up your favorite photo border.

What You Need:

  • Electrical tape (You should really use masking tape… I just didn’t have any.)
  • Foam Brush
  • Old picture frame
  • Craft smart acrylic paint – Pure Pumpkin
  • Plastic cup

diy_frame diy_frame-2



  • Use masking tape to create your stripes. In order to get them even, I suggest using a ruler. Sure, it takes a few extra seconds to do it this way, but it’s so worth it! Not an exact figure kinda girl? No problem! Just eyeball it. Your ruler can also ensure that your stripes are being placed onto the picture frame without any curves.
  • Print out your favorite quote to put in frame. Use an old photo. Grab some crayons and go wild. You can do all of this while the paint is drying. It takes about an hour to dry. Make sure you set down a paper towel before placing the frame on your table. You don’t want any extra paint making its way onto your furniture.
  • Once you feel that your paint has dried, peel the tape off slowly.
  • See any smudges? No problem! You can just scratch off any paint that dried outside of your stripes.



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