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A Divided Halloween: Or My Children Are Aging Too Quickly

This Halloween was the first time that we didn’t have two of our children Trick or Treating with us. It was actually quite sad. I mean, Caleb didn’t seem to mind because we ended up running around with a rather large group of neighbors, but the thought that my two big ones were by my side didn’t escape me. Not for one minute. Time is not on this mom’s side.

Natalie rushed off to a Halloween party with friends right after school and Liam did the same. Within 15 minutes of stepping through our door and dropping their backpacks, they were gone. I’m not sure I even got to ask them how their days went!

I mean – I didn’t even get to take a group photo of the three of them! How S-A-D. No one cared but me by the way. I just need to point this out. Everyone was just focusing on the parties and the candies. I suppose Natalie and Liam were excited about a little freedom as well.

I can’t blame them. 

Luckily, I met up with some of my favorites and we eventually slowed down enough to escape the madness. The older boys that we were trick or treating with were FLYING through the houses. The little ones could barely keep UP. So, instead, we scaled back and kept it quiet and easy. Caleb and his little friend had the best time! And I loved catching up with my great friends.

I mean – look at how happy they were!


Earlier in the day, we had Halloween parades to enjoy.

And we even had a school concert! Yes, Bill and I were zipping in between a few schools to manage it all. It was fun and filled with joy. Truly.

My daughter sent me this picture of her and her friends all having a great time. I don’t have one of Liam’s crew just yet. The mom hasn’t sent it along. As soon as I get it, I will post it here.

At the end of the night, Bill and I grabbed pizza with our Halloween partners before heading out to grab our oldest kids. It was quiet and easy. Too quiet if I am being honest with you. I’m so used to being a mom of three – all that chaos. Having one is so confusing!! 🙂 But I guess this is the new way of life. They have to grow up some time… and it’s already begun.

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