Disposable Footwear – Think Sore Feet After A Long Day In Heels


Slip N’ Toss is a portable solution to your temporary footwear needs. These flip flops are 74.9% organic carbon and are folded in thirds so that you can slip a pair into your purse for use when your feet start hurting in heels or for the security line at the airport. Founder, Yadi Moth, thought of the idea when she saw a friend walking through the dirty streets bare-footed because her feet hurt after wearing heels. She realized that there was a need for disposable footwear for women and men. Slip N’ Toss guard against dirt, rough surfaces, bacteria, viruses and fungal foot infections. These are also disposable so, after using, you can just toss them out.


For more information on Slip N’ Toss flip flops, go to www.slipntoss.com

Written by Tabitha

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