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Disney’s Descendants New Hasbro Doll Line Review – Descendant 2 Dolls

Descendant 2 Dolls are here to stay and are so much fun! Disney’s “Descendants”is a fantastic new show that recently premiered on the Disney Channel! It’s a great show and a wonderful concept.

Descendant 2 Dolls

It’s all about the sons and daughters of famous Disney characters like Sleeping Beauty and Mulan.  I am sure that your children are looking for some toys to play now that they’ve fallen in love with the characters and I have great news for your family – there is a full line out for them to enjoy called Descendant 2 Dolls.

We got our hands on several of the key pieces and we wanted to show you what we thought of them all. Here is our Disney’s Descendants toy review.

Disney’s Descendants New Hasbro Doll Line Review – Descendant 2 Dolls

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Disney's Descendants New Hasbro Doll Line Review - Descendant 2 Dolls

To celebrate the new show, Hasbro has a brand new line of dolls from the movie, including the characters played by Sofia Carson and Dove Cameron!

The full line of includes Ben (son of King Beast and Belle, Audrey (daughter of Fairy Godmother), Jane (daughter of Sleeping Beauty), Lonnie (daughter of Mulan), Mal (daughter of Maleficent), Evie (daughter of the Evil Queen), and Carlos (son of Cruella de Vil). Be sure to check out the Descendants’ doll videos to see them in full action. 

Are you ready to check out the Descendant 2 Dolls?

girls playing with Descendants 2 dolls

girls playing with Descendants 2 dolls

We were lucky enough to get the entire Descendant 2 Dolls line to check out…and Natalie and her friend really LOVED them!! As you can see, the Descendant 2 Dolls are classic and beautiful.

These Descendant 2 Dolls have a little twist of something new. The girls and I enjoyed them so much that we decided to do two review videos!!!

Disney’s Descendants Doll Video Review – Descendant 2 Dolls

The first was a review of Ben, Mal, Carlos, Evie:

You can see four different Descendant 2 Dolls in one. My daughter and her friend broke down what they thought about these amazing and fab characters. 

The second was a review of Lonnie, Audrey, Jane:

These Descendant 2 Dolls are the fiercest friends in town. I love every single one of these girls. Check out their dresses!!! So stylish! 

Sooo…what do you think? Do you love the Descendant 2 Dolls as much as we do? I just really enjoy the creativity with this and the playing off of the old favorites but in a new way. It keeps the old alive but brings it into the present for a new generation. Fantastic.

Want to read more about the Descendents? 

To find out more about Disney’s Descendents line and more from Hasbro, please check out:

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