First Look At Disney Infinity: The New Interactive Game Releasing August 2013 #disneyinfinity

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Hello. My name is Vera and I’m a gaming addict. I think I might have mentioned this before… a thousand times.  So, when I sat down and opened up a little gift bag from the Social Media Moms Conference and found two game pieces from Disney Infinity… well, I just about dropped my lunch.

WHAT IS THIS????????????????

My friend Jen told me that Disney is coming out with a brand new gaming platform this summer which means that I need to clear out my calendar for quarter four because I will have THINGS TO DO.

Luckily, I just learned ALL ABOUT IT because I am a NEED TO KNOW NOW kinda gal. Here are the details:

Let’s Talk A Bit About Disney Infinity:

WD wanted to come out with a way to give players the power to experience Disney in a whole new way. They brought out characters from the past and present and packaged them up into one amazing bundle. Disney Infinity is the only place other than the amusement parks where you will be able to see all these characters in one place.

Inspiration: Recreating The Joy Of Play

Think about what it’s like to play with toys on the living room floor. There are no rules. It doesn’t matter what box the toy came from. They all go together. Disney Infinity is all about recreating this!

How Does Disney Infinity Work:

It’s a game within a game within a game….

Each character has it’s own figure. In order to play, you basically choose a character and place it on the base. The STARTER KIT will come with the base and three characters to get you started. If you get tired of being a character, simply lift the character off the base and swap it out for another character. Nice and easy.

There are 4 Play-sets (basically equivalent to 4 Universes):

  • Pirates of the Caribbean: ship to ship battles / fight scenes / go find treasure
  • Cars
  • Monsters Universe: Scare other students / friendly rivarly with other University 
  • The Incredibles 

More Play-sets will release over time.


Then there’s the Toy Box:

  • The Toy Box is part of the game where you can mix and match the characters with the universes. You can do whatever you want in here.
  • There’s also an Intro to Game Design area. Here you can build out your own terrain / pieces!! There will be lots of flexibility in here. There’s even a way for you to share your design WITH DISNEY. If they like it then they will send it back out to the world for players to USE. SO FUN!!!!  


Disney Infinity Power Discs:

Available in BLIND PACKS (won’t know what you have until you purchase. This will encourage trade)

  • Circular Power Discs – place under player figurers. Provides additional benefits like health. Can stack up to two per player
  • Hexagonal Power Discs – only work in toy box. Change the way the world looks (sky, terrain etc).
  • Some can unlock new toys (like Dumbo / Cinderella’s carriage, Incredible cannons etc)

When And Where Can I Get Disney Infinity???

Disney Infinity will be available on all platforms and will release on August 18th, 2013. The figures will work on all platforms. So, if you have the XBOX and your best friend owns the Wii … it doesn’t matter. You can still play together.

Oh and PS — The figures will STORE INFORMATION. So, you can take your figure with you to your friends house and you can pick up where you left off.

Starter Kit includes the game, a base, 3 figures and access to 3 play sets. For more information, click here.

Holla if you hear me!

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