Disney Band-Aids: Your Kids Will Love These Mickey Designs


Knowing that Disney Band-Aids are for kids does nothing to deter me from loving how adorable they are. Disney has long been partnering with Band-Aid to bring out fun designs for kids for those times when a kiss from Mom just isn’t enough. Their latest, though, has a very vintage feel to it. The designs on the box and on these band-aids were inspired by the old cartoons that you and I grew up watching.


The classic designs feature good ole Mickey, Minnie and Donald Duck, to name a few. There are quite a few options for kids to choose from. If I were a kid, these bandaids would take the crying edge off of getting a bruise. If I were a kid, of course….I am absolutely not wishing I could get just a minor cut (even a paper cut would do) so I can have an excuse to sport the one with Mickey looking surprised.
These new designs are in Target stores right now. They’re $2.99 for a box of 20 assorted sizes.

Written by Tabitha

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