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Day 3- Exploring Sayulita and Bucerias in Mexico #stregispmita

Yesterday was a busy day. By busy, I mean lots of exploring, which is the best part of this vacation. We had a delicious breakfast at Sea Breeze, then explored St. Regis Punta Mita a bit more. We ventured into Sayulita and Bucerias, two towns that are close by. If this is the first post you’re reading, I’ll catch you up. I’m vacationing/working/honeymooning at St. Regis Punta Mita in beautiful Mexico this week. Click here to read about my first day and here to read about the second.

We had our usual breakfast at Sea Breeze and it was pretty much as yummy as the other times except this time I ordered sweet crepes. Cue the mind blowing. They were beyond delicious. They came with chocolate sauce, fruit and Nutella. I’m not usually a sweets person but, good heavens, it was insane. The waiter noticed that I downed it in 2 seconds and offered to bring me more. Think crepes that are just the perfect texture to melt in your mouth. So yes, I started my day with an omelette, fresh fruit, tea, toast, bacon and two helpings of sweet crepes. You are free to judge me. I deserve it. IMG_0240 (Copy)

After breakfast, we decided to take a walk to work off some of the good food. We passed the Marietas Restaurant. It’s an open-air restaurant that opens up to the beach.

IMG_0249 (Copy)

We visited the spa. Please excuse the crappy pictures. My camera lens fogged up from being in and out of the air conditioned buildings.

IMG_0265 (Copy)

This is inside of the spa. Here is an area to just relax and chill. Guests can visit the spa even if they’re not doing a treatment.

IMG_0269 (Copy)

This is a lounging area within the spa.

IMG_0270 (Copy)

This area is for couples massages and relaxing.

IMG_0275 (Copy)

The women’s locker room.IMG_0283 (Copy)

Here is a view of the spa from the outside.

IMG_0277 (Copy)

Next, we visited the gym. It was a full affair, with tons of machines. Fitness fanatics (that tone that you’re picking up on is jealousy, not judgement) will have the luxury of a full gym with an area for spinning, running etc. Insider tip: one of the staff let me know that they’re building an area just in front of the beach for yoga. That way, yogatinis can practice yoga while gazing at the ocean. Perfection.

IMG_0279 (Copy) IMG_0282 (Copy)

IMG_0288 (Copy)

Next, we visited the Children’s Club. If you have little ones, you’re going to love this. This building is staffed from 9-5 and they take the kids out to different activities around the resort. It was empty save for a sleeping baby when I got there. The kids were out exploring the resort. And yes, I did wake the baby when I walked in. He was a light sleeper! I may have found him crying for his mother in Spanish the cutest thing ever.

IMG_0290 (Copy)

There’s a basketball court right next door so they can enjoy the beautiful weather.

IMG_0293 (Copy)

Inside, there are tons of games for kids to enjoy.

IMG_0295 (Copy) IMG_0298 (Copy)

For your techie kid, there are Xboxes and Wiis.

IMG_0305 (Copy) IMG_0307 (Copy) IMG_0316 (Copy)

And, of course, no day at St. Regis Punta Mita is complete without dipping in the many pools. This is the second infinity pool by the entrance to the hotel. I now refuse to enter anything other than an infinity pool. St. Regis has spoiled me.

IMG_0324 (Copy)

If you couldn’t tell how much fun we’re having yet, this picture says it all. Pure joy!

IMG_0345 (Copy)

We got dressed and decided to explore Sayulita and Bucerias, two towns that are less than 20 minutes away. Now, I’ll be honest for a second and talk about the unmentionable. I was nervous about safety. All those stories of kidnapped tourists kept playing in my head even though we wanted to really experience Mexico. Well, these towns are in super safe areas. The people were very friendly and helpful. We were out until sunset and felt super safe. We took the same precautions we always take when travelling like being aware of our surroundings, etc. We had nothing to worry about. These were tourists areas and many other foreigners were hanging out.

IMG_0357 (Copy)

This is Bucerias. There are rows and rows of these little shops selling jewelry, bags and other items. Get ready to barter!

IMG_0360 (Copy)

How gorgeous are these little purses??

IMG_0362 (Copy)

This was the kissing bridge. Needless to say, I took a picture alone.

IMG_0370 (Copy)

We drove another 20 minutes to the town of Sayulita. The hotel staff told us about Don Pedros, this amazing restaurant on the beach. We really wanted to try it out for an early dinner. The drive to Sayulita is a bit winding and among the most stunning greenery. I was struck by how lush the town was.

IMG_0406 (Copy)

I had the Catch Of The Day with mashed potatoes and fresh veges. So delicious. There’s nothing like eating fresh fish on the beach.

IMG_0407 (Copy)

The hubby had Ahi Tuna. He thought it was his best meal of the trip.

IMG_0410 (Copy) IMG_0413 (Copy)

On the way back to town, we passed these jewelry vendors. I may have gone a bit crazy with all this beautiful jewelry.

IMG_0418 (Copy)

We raced (read: drove very carefully) back to St Regis Punta Mita to catch the sunset on the beach. Here is the hubby doing capoeira as the sun sets. This is one of those unforgettable moments I’ll never forget.

IMG_0500 (Copy)

Today is our fourth and last full day. We have another full day of good food and fun exploring planned. I can’t wait.

For more information on St. Regis Punta Mita, click here.

By Tabitha St. Bernard

Disclaimer: Parts of this trip are complimentary. My opinions are 100% my own.


Thursday 3rd of October 2013

Hi Tabitha, we enjoyed reading your experiences in our area! Thank you so much for taking the time to show others what a great area Bucerias, Sayulita and Punta de Mita are. Great pictures too!!!!!

Hope yo visit our website to learn more about our area, next time your in town contact us, we would love for you to share an article that we can add to our website.


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