Day 1 At BlogHer – Some Pics

Yesterday morning, I flew to San Diego and met up with my bestie Audrey. We are both here at BlogHer with the CVS Beauty Club team and have been having a blast so far.

First of all, San Diego is beautiful. I mean beautiful. I am a NYer and always will be. I don’t think I would ever be able to move too far from the city… but if I did I would search out a town like this one. THE WATER!! OH THE WATER!!

Anyway, we got to our hotel, saw Sheryl Crow and her kids (with no makeup on  – I almost didn’t recognize her) and checked into our room. After showering, relaxing, and unpacking we headed downstairs to make our way to a Vicks event. It was a bowling party at East Village Bowl with celebrity chef Kevin Roberts. HOW FUN!

We each packed a pair of socks and walked over with some friends.

Slight problem though – we caught up with so many old friends that we didn’t BOWL. HOW DID THAT HAPPEN? I blame Barbara Jones. 🙂 I had such a lovely chat with her that I didn’t get a chance to throw a turkey. Ah – who am I kidding? I wouldn’t have thrown a turkey if my life depended on it.

Audrey and I walked back to our hotel with Miss Renee Ross, indulged in some over-priced ice cream ($9) in our room, had a few laughs and then p-a-s-s-e-d out.

One slight issue – my body is still on EAST COAST TIME. I’ve been up since 4:18!!! That just isn’t FAIR!!!!!!!!!!! Thankfully, the Starbucks opened up at 530 (or was it 6). So I’ve been nursing a Trenta tea since before the sun woke up. 🙂

Can’t wait to see what’s in store today. Our schedule is a little… batty to say the least. I hope we can make it all.

{more pics on my Facebook Wall}

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  1. Julie/ just precious wrote:

    Wish I had known you were up–I would have joined you at SBux. Been lying in bed trying to go back to sleep since around 5. So bummed I missed vicks last night. See you soon

    Posted 8.4.11
  2. Crazypants wrote:

    Ditto on the joining you. I’m all screwed up, and started getting texts from East Coasters at freaking 4am.

    Great first day pics. Hope to bump into you sometime this weekend.

    Posted 8.4.11
  3. Vera wrote:

    hope to see u both today!!!

    Posted 8.4.11

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