Daily Diary: Watched My First Full Football Game… And I Kinda Liked It


I’ve seen PARTS of football games before. You know, as I walk from one room to another – or maybe during a Super Bowl party (but only to watch the commercials). I’ve never really wanted to have anything to do with the sport – EVER.

Last night, we were invited to a friend’s house to watch “the game”. Of course, on the way over I had to ask Bill… “what game is it?” and even after I saw “the game” – I can’t tell you who both teams were. I only remember the team we were routing for. I’m a true “girl’s girl”.

When we got there, we were greeted with wine, beer, chili, wings, meatballs, nachos – you name it. It was quiet a spread – and we devoured it all!! Our kids were nicely playing upstairs (for 6.5 hours – no joke) and the parents really had a chance to chill out and just be adults in the living room.

In the beginning, I was joking about the whole thing – “Hockey stinks!” etc etc. But when the men started to get really excited – my friends and I started to watch a little. I mean — what’s all the fuss about here?!!!

I have to admit… I enjoyed myself. It was fun to watch the game by the end. The Giants were playing and have always been my team by default. I lived in a NY Giants / NY Mets house. So throughout the years, when someone asked me who  my team was – I would name one of those, but could really care LESS about the whole thing.

Do I get all the rules? Absolutely not. But am I into going to a football party with friends? Yeah!! I had a great time. This is opening a whole new door for Bill. If any of our friends invite us over on a Sunday to watch “the game” – I”m in!

Who knows – this might be the start of a whole new me. Next thing you know I’ll be tailgating wearing a jersey…. LOL! Ok, I can’t even write that sentence without cracking up. Bill if you are reading this – that. will. never. happen.

Do you watch Football? Who is your favorite team?

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  1. Bill wrote:

    My hopes are measured, for sure.

    Posted 1.16.12
  2. Kodie wrote:

    I used to feel the same way about football..then I dated someone who was obsessed and it turns out I honestly like it. Even after we broke up I still continued to watch 🙂

    I’m a die hard Packers fan (have been my whole life, just really started watching the last 3 years) so last night’s game was a tough loss 🙁 Especially after the amazing season we had. I’m not letting it get me down though…there’s always next year (just wish I had more weekends to wear one of my 6 jerseys….yes I have a problem).

    Posted 1.16.12

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