Daily Diary: Visited The Rachael Ray Show With My Mom #iamwithrr


My mom took a day off of work and met me in the city for a morning of fun with Rachael Ray. It was FREEZING and SNOWING but well worth the wait. A few years ago, several members of my family all went during Rachael’s first season and had a great time. So, when I was offered tickets  — I just couldn’t pass them up.

Since my last visit, Rachael Ray has moved into a new studio. Martha Stewart’s old spot if I’m not mistaken. She make a lot of changes and the place looks great! Really FUN and energetic. They didn’t give anything away to the studio audience. You know I was hoping for a set of her pots or something!! LOL. But that’s ok — we had lots of laughs with Joey Cola. And that was good enough for me.

I also got to hear the amazing life store of The Napkin Notes Dad. I cried and cried and cried. I mean – bawling. I actually had to stop listening at one point because I was going to go to the ugly cry and no one wants to do that in public. Check out his site. My goodness what a story. A father struggling with multiple types of cancer – attempting to beat them all. Through his battle, he writes a note a day to his daughter that she cherishes and has turned into a notebook so that she can remember him when the time comes.

I. Can’t.

The show will air THIS WEDNESDAY!! MARCH 5th!!!


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