Daily Diary: Tonight At 7PM EST — I’ll Be On EXTRA TV! OH MY WORD

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Ok guys! I am a little nervous telling you about this because I haven’t seen the footage and I have NO IDEA WHAT I AM GOING TO LOOK LIKE. This could be a total disaster… I mean. TOTAL. DISASTER. But – we are running with it because there is nothing else to do. It’s edited. It’s filmed.  And there’s no turning back.

I already wrote about the day and fun it was to have my daughter there with me. I did a segment for H&M thanks to SheKnows talking about Halloween and Fall Fashion for kids. Right now, I’m sort of sitting here feeling a little queasy. I’ve done some TV before which always makes me crazy, but this is the BIGGEST thing I’ve ever done. Extra is PRIMETIME. And I am going to be slouched over running around little kids trying to talk about fall trends. HA! I love it.

I can’t cook tonight! I can’t do anything! I’m just going to sit here and wait until 7PM EST and watch NBC until it comes on. That’s pretty much what’s going to happen for the entire day. (or I’m going to write 400 stories for the blog because I am so behind from the cruise I took last week — but we won’t get into that)

** fingers crossed


**** I need a Starbucks

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