This House Is Clean (Ode To Poltergeist)


Ladies and gentlemen… ok ladies. I’m sure 99.9% of the people on this blog are female. We are back to normal. We are out of the Christmas holiday.

This House Is Clean

This house is clean

As a child of the 80s, the first thing I thought of was the psychic in The Poltergeist and her famous scene where she announced that the ghost would no longer be a threat to the family. That’s what I felt like. The mess is gone. The chaos is but a memory. I see counter people!!!

Last night, friends decided to stop by last minute and that was all that Bill needed to hear. He whipped this house right into shape. Everything was up in the attic before I could blink an eye. SO SO Happy!

How do you handle storing decorations? I almost want to get 10 plastic bins and separate out each holiday in the attic. That way it will be nice and easy to pull it down or store it back up. Labels and all… I’m going there, folks.


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  1. Wendy wrote:

    Go for the different colored bins! That’s what I use and it does make it some much easier to “find” the holidays up in the attic. This year I even convinced my husband to buy extra bins and now have a different bin for each color of ornament (red, green, silver, gold, blue, etc..) I promised the hubs that this would make it easier to bring everything down next year as we used different colors on the tree each year. Target usually has the appropriate color bins at each holiday season on sale. You could slowly work your way there once you are off bedrest, holiday by holiday. 🙂 Happy Organizing!

    Posted 1.13.13
    • Sherry wrote:

      yes, this! The colored bins are a godsend! We have black/orange for Halloween, red, green and silvery for xmas, pastel for Easter, etc.

      Posted 1.13.13
  2. Anne hill wrote:

    I do the spring cleaning in January cuz it’s easier to clean and organize the house with all the holiday clean up going on. it takes about 4 weekends, 4-5 hrs of work each day. it’s worth it though. I think it’s faster than spring cleaning in April.

    Posted 1.13.13
  3. Joanne Gregory wrote:

    That is what I did! And it makes things so much easier!

    Posted 1.14.13
  4. I have a plastic bin for each holiday. Well, for Christmas, it is more than one bin. Rather ten. But each is for a different christmas purpose. Ornaments. Lights. Etc. It makes decorating so much easier, as it is hard with little kids to do so. Not sure if it is a perfect solution, but so far so good!

    Posted 1.14.13
  5. sarah siskin wrote:

    I have different colored bins for each holiday, and I have them for the summer cushions for the outdoor furniture too. It’s easier than opening each bucket to see what’s in it.

    Posted 1.15.13

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