Daily Diary: There’s Something To Be Said About Adrenaline

Wednesday night, I started to feel sick. It was a slight annoyance – nothing more, nothing less. Thursday morning, I woke up with a sore throat. Haven’t had one of those in quite some time. Unfortunately, I was catching an 8AM flight down to SheCon and wasn’t about to miss out on the opportunity to keynote for the conference. So, I sucked it up, grabbed my bags and headed to the airport.

When I arrived, I was OK. My throat stopped hurting and I met up with Audrey. She sort of took care of me (as she always does). But as the day turned into night… my body started to hurt (hard).

Friday was our keynote speech. I was still sick obviously – but I had to get up there and talk for an hour. So, I pulled myself together and we got through it. A handful of people came up to us to tell us that they enjoyed the speech. So, hopefully we got our message across minus my setback.

However… as soon as I got off that stage… my body caved in. It was almost as if it was holding on JUST to get me through that hour. As soon as I completed the keynote, I am pretty sure my temperature went up and I began to feel very lightheaded. I ran to the convenience store and overpaid for NyQuil (grumble grumble grumble) and popped two despite it still being early.

I think once the adrenaline left my body – everything stopped pretending it was ok. I was in BED by 7PM that night. Audrey went out and had drinks with the other conference attendees while I passed out from exhaustion.

She made me call up and change my flight. At first, I was protesting because of the change fee. But when I crawled into my bed at 4PM Saturday afternoon, I knew she made the right decision for me. Again, I slept the entire night into the day.

Sunday was very lax. We all stayed home. The kids played in the backyard. Bill and I caught up on Games of Thrones (we still have 3 more episodes to watch!!) and we called it a night nice and early once again.

Anyway – the body is a resilient thing. It can get you through whatever you need as long as your will is strong. But at the same time, it can also send a very loud message when enough is enough. Two days of sleep is what it was begging for. And who am I to deny myself of much needed rest?

I feel better today but fear that I might need to head to the doctor tomorrow to make sure I don’t have a sinus infection. UGH!

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