Daily Diary: The Illness Heard ‘Round The World… Err… Couch

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Well, this weekend was fun. Actually, it really was fun. We had a bunch of parties to go to and spent the majority of it with family and friends. But then… we all got hit with the throw up virus.

NO!! Not everyone.

Poor Natalie is staying home from school today because she is the latest victim. It all started with Liam. We didn’t think anything of it because he only threw up once. I honestly thought it was an isolated incident. But then the next day, Bill and I both began to vomit non-stop for 18 hours straight. TOGETHER. It was like a flipping competition. He had to stay in the basement so he could have his own bathroom.


Monday was spent recuperating and then after dinner, the next victim was claimed. I give up. Poor Natalie had it like me and Bill – every few minutes. I felt so bad for her.

There’s one man standing and that’s Caleb. We’re all watching him like a hawk. What a MESS – LITERALLY. You can handle it as a parent but when the kids start getting sick… well, that’s that.

I have such a raging headache this morning because I am so dehydrated and because I haven’t had any caffeine in 2 days. I’m actually drinking my first cup of tea and it feels so good. But I’m taking it easy because I’m petrified I will get sick again.

Last night, while we were all watching ‘The Hobbit’ on TV, I looked over and saw everyone together on the couch and I thought to myself that even though I am so sick… I am exactly where I want to be because my whole life was in view. We had no BBQ yesterday. We had no family picnic, no town parade, no pool party. We actually ate ramen noodles because it was all I could muster up the strength to make. You know, “add hot water and serve”. But it was a great day.

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    Well wishes to all.

    Posted 5.28.14

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