Daily Diary: That Face

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We aren’t taking Caleb to pool much these days because it’s been brutal this week. We are planning on bringing him today because the weather isn’t THAT BAD. It’s just too hot for my little boy. I caught this picture of him the other day and the smile he gave just lights me right up. What a grin! It’s coming from his insides, right???


I love that he doesn’t have all his teeth yet and you can see all gums in the back. HA! Too much.

He got a haircut yesterday. So, no more surfer haircut. BOO! When he has enough sunscreen in his hair, Caleb can get very ‘Ace Ventura’ looking. Or is it ‘Something about Mary’? Now he has a buzz. Makes him look older. You know I don’t like that one BIT.

I’ll try to snap a few today. Ah who am I kidding? You know I’m going to document the whole morning!

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