Daily Diary: Tennis Lessons? Just Add It To The List

Tennis Lessons for Kids

My daughter wants to take tennis lessons throughout the school year. I think that is such a great idea!! But I have to add that to her already existing long list of after-school activities. Honestly, I don’t think it’s possible? Especially now that we are entering the dreaded 4th grade. You know, the one where all state testing begins. UGH! Not ready for this.

So, I sat down with her and asked her to prioritize the list. What can we get rid of? And naturally… none of it could go. She did actually ask to get rid of art… but I like art and I know she enjoys that class. I don’t think that should be what we get rid of. But I also know we can’t do an after-school activity every single day of the week. Not with 4th grade homework. Not with my daughter. No way – no how.

What does a parent do? I did NOTHING AFTER SCHOOL GROWING UP! I MEAN NOTHING. Once a year, my mother would sign me up for something. Whether it be softball or brownies or gymnastics. But it was one class – once a year. That’s not how it happens in this town. In my town, it’s 4 or 5 classes a week. It’s too much pressure. I want her to have fun. I want her to learn things that I didn’t know how to do (and that I still don’t know how to do BY THE WAY like tennis)… but at what price?? Our sanity? Being overbooked is just too overwhelming.

Right now, I’m looking at tennis, art, dance, CCD (mandatory), and gymnastics. And PS, she will want to do cheerleading if she hears about it. So KILL ME.

What do you do with your children? Do you push back on the after-school activities and just focus on playdates and schoolwork or do you fall prey to the HORRIFIC push that I do to overbook and engage your little ones?

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  1. We unschool. No mandatory testing. No homework. Just a kid doing all the “after school activities” that she’s interested in. No mandates and no schedule we have to abide by. No pressure.

    Posted 8.6.14
    • Vera wrote:

      That sounds…. amazing Amanda. Truly amazing.

      Posted 8.6.14
  2. Maral Wynn wrote:

    My son play sports throughout the school year, usually 2-3 practices a week. I also have him select only one school club to attend in the mornings before school. At his practices he seems most of his friends, so we don’t have any of them over after school, maybe Saturdays after games they have a sleepover. My son finishes most of his homework before practice so we don’t have much to do after practice. He also knows if his schoolwork suffers he wouldn’t be able to be involved in sports.

    Posted 8.6.14
    • Vera wrote:

      I never thought about getting in an activity before school… that is a GREAT IDEA. And weekends we never see friends. I think I need to start including the weekends into our mix – for activities AND for playdates. Great ideas here. Thank you.

      Posted 8.6.14
  3. Kizzy wrote:

    After school activities are important and something mine do take part in. I think it helps to expand their development into what they are interested in rather than what others feel is important. It just means us parents are running around all the time!

    Posted 8.8.14

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